In the era of high-throughput genomics, proteomics, and transcriptomics, we can now computationally explore biological processes at a systems level. Networks, or graphs, have become a dominant mathematical representation in this area of research. We will draw on the vast amount of established graph theory to learn about network models currently applied to biological systems. At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Represent biological systems as networks and understand how they are built from experimental data.
  • Apply graph algorithms to these networks on small examples and real-world datasets.
  • Interpret the results of an algorithm run on a biological network.
  • Design and execute a research project motivated by a question in systems biology.
  • Use technologies that enable collaboration and communication.
  • Present work in oral presentations and written reports.
  • Navigate a virtual conference.

Fall 2020 Course Details

This class is offered in-person with a remote access option.

Anna Ritz (she/her): aritz-at-reed-dot-edu
Time & Place
Lecture MWF 10:05am-10:55am, Kaul Gray Louge w/ Remote Access
Lab: In-person Tu 13:40-17:30; virtual Th 13:40-17:30; TBD
Office Hours
TBD (virtual)
Or email Anna to set up a time
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