Topic #8 April 6th &13th Avehi & Hulali

SNACKS & Who is Who: Denn

Behavior paper:

Randler, C. (2007). Assortative Mating of Carrion Corvus corone and Hooded Crows. C. cornix in the Hybrid Zone in Eastern Germany. Netherlands Ornithologists' Union, 95(1):143-149.

Genomics paper:

Poelstra, J.W., Vijay, N., Bossu, C.M., Lantz, H. et al. (2014). The genomic landscapr underlying phenotypic integrity in the face of gene flow in crows. Science, 344(6190):1410-1414.


Questions for reading (students must turn in 4 sets throughout semester):

- Make a list of terms and techniques you did not understand.

- What was the main difference in gene expression between Hooded Crows and Carrion Crows?

- How did they measure genome-wide differences between the different samples of tissues?

- What are genomic ‘Cacti’?

- What are inversions?

- Why are hybrid zones considered a paradox? State in terms of how species are defined.

- How did they conclude that there is a lot of gene flow between these populations?

- Explain what is being shown in Figure 2. What is the overall take-home message of this figure?