Course Reading: Fall 2016

Date Topic Reading
Aug 31 Organizational meeting
Sept 7

Is ethnobotany biology?

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Sept 14 Evolutionary genetics of fruit size in tomato

Meyer, RS & MD Purugganan.  2013. Evolution of crop species: genetics of domestication and diversification.  Nature Reviews Genetics 14: 840–852.

Cong, B, LS Barrero & SD Tanksley.  2008. Regulatory change in YABBY-like transcription factor led to evolution of extreme fruit size during tomato domestication.  Nature Genetics 40: 800 - 804.

Sept 21 Conservation agriculture

Hobbs, PR, K Sayre, & R Gupta.  2008.  The role of conservation agriculture in sustainable agriculture. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 363: 543-555.

Balázs Madarász, B, K Juhos, Z Ruszkiczay-Rüdiger, S Benke, G Jakab & Z Szalai. 2016.  Conservation tillage vs. conventional tillage: long-term effects on yields in continental, sub-humid Central Europe, Hungary.  International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability 14: 408-427.

Sept 28 Non-timber forest product harvesting

Ticktin, T. 2004. The ecological implications of harvesting non-timber forest products. Journal of Applied Ecology 41: 11-21.

Gaoue, OG, & T Ticktin.  2007. Patterns of harvesting foliage and bark from the multipurpose tree Khaya senegalensis in Benin: Variation across ecological regions and its impacts on population structure. Biological Conservation 137: 424-436.

Oct 5 Assisted plant migration

Schwartz, MW, JJ Hellmann, JM McLachlan, DF Sax, JO Borevitz, et al. 2012. Managed relocation: integrating the scientific, regulatory, and ethical challenges. BioScience 62: 732–743.

Wadgymar, SM, MN Cumming & AE Weis.  2015.  The success of assisted colonization and assisted gene flow depends on phenology. Global Change Biology 21: 3786-3799.
Oct. 12 Human land-use ecological legacies
Oct 26 Invasive plants & agricultural legacies

Vila, M, & I Ibanez. 2011.  Plant invasions in the landscape. Landscape Ecology 26:461–472.

Dalrymple, GH, RF Doren, NK O'Hare, MR Norland, and TV Armentano.  2003. Plant colonization after complete and partial removal of disturbed soils for wetland restoration of former agricultural fields in Everglades National Park.  Wetlands 23: 1015-1029.

Nov 2 Impact of forest fragmentation on herbaceous species

Honnay, O, H Jacquemyn, B Bossuyt, & M Hermy.  2005.  Forest fragmentation effects on patch occupancy and population viability of herbaceous plant species.  New Phytologist 166: 723–736.

Kolk, J, & T  Naaf.  2015.  Herb layer extinction debt in highly fragmented temperate forests – Completely paid after 160 years?  Biological Conservation 182: 164–172.

Nov 9

Vegetation responses to prescribed fires

Stephens, SL, JD McIver, REJ  Boerner, CJ Fettig, JB Fontaine, BR Hartsough, PL Kennedy & DW Schwilk.  2012.  The effects of forest fuel-reduction treatments in the United States.  BioScience 62:  549-560.

Knapp, EE, DW Schwilk, JM Kane, JE Keeley.  2007.  Role of burning season on initial understory vegetation response to prescribed fire in a mixed conifer forest. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 37: 11–22.

Nov 16 GMO risks - transgene escape

Craig, W, M Tepfer, G Degrassi, & D Ripandelli.  2008.  An overview of general features of risk assessments of genetically modified crops.  Euphytica 164: 853-880.

Watrud , LS, EH Lee , A Fairbrother, C Burdick, JR Reichman, M Bollman, M Storm, G King, & PK Van de Water.  2004.  Evidence for landscape-level, pollen-mediated gene flow from genetically modified creeping bentgrass with CP4 EPSPS as a marker.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 101: 14533–14538.

Nov 23 Thanksgiving


Nov 30

Testing the substantial equivalence of GMO crops

Bhattacharya, S, A Ganguli, A Muhkopadhyay, U Ghosh, & D Chattopadhyay.  2013. Impacts of genetically modified foods on environment, economy, and health: A comprehensive review. International Journal of Environmental Biology. 3: 64-70.

Venneria, E, S Fanasca, G Monastery, E Finotti, R Ambra, E Azzini, A Durazzo, M Foddai, & G Maiani. 2008.  Assessment of the Nutritional Values of Genetically Modified Wheat, Corn, and Tomato Crops. Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry 56: 9206-9214.

Dec 7

Research proposals, pizza, movie: tbd