Lucas Illing's homepage

Research Interests

Generally speaking, I am interested in nonlinear dynamic phenomena and in understanding the emergence of structure, complexity, and computational ability in systems of interacting adaptive components. In our lab we use table top experiments together with numeric modeling and analytic work to explore fundamental questions in nonlinear dynamics. The knowledge gained through the study of well controlled electronic and photonic systems then informs our understanding of many physical, biological, social, and technological systems. I have also been very interested in exploring possible practical applications of nonlinear dynamics and have investigated chaos communication, chaos control, and all-optical switching.

The main emphasis of our current research is the determination of the relationship of network architecture and function in systems with delay. We study this question utilizing coupled opto-electronic devices with delayed feedback. Understanding the dynamics of the individual devices contributes to our knowledge of chaos and nonlinear dynamics in time-delay systems. Coupling several devices allows the investigation of the emergent network behavior.