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Workshop Speakers

Eric Behrens

Eric Behrens is Associate Director of Information Technology Services at Swarthmore College, where he heads academic computing and media services. In addition to years of traditional support of curricular and research computing, much of his time over the last few years has been spent on web information management projects across the institution: course management systems, portals, content management, and digital asset management. (When he's not in the office, he's often at the ballpark, joining the boo-birds of Philly.)

Marianne Colgrove

Marianne Colgrove is the Associate Director of Computing & Information Services, and Director of the Web & Systems Services department, at Reed College. The WSSies support a variety web-related infrastructure and application development. Marianne has worked in computing at Reed for almost 20 years. Lately she has worked on projects ranging from a multimedia tour of campus to a directory datamart of all people at Reed. Thank goodness for a little variety!

Scott E. Siddall

Scott Siddall is Assistant Provost and Director of Instructional Technology
at Denison University (Ohio) where he oversees campus efforts to plan for
and support technology in the curriculum, to enhance learning spaces, and to
manage media technology services. He has been working in academic technology
management for 20 years at both large and small institutions. Scott has been
very active in the Consortium of Liberal Arts Colleges. Far too much
information about Scott is accessible at

Thomas A. Slobko

Tom Slobko is professor of Mathematics and Chief Information Officer at Occidental College. He serves on the senior staff and is directly responsible for the Library and all information services. In his thirty years at Occidental he has taught full time, served as an academic administrator, and been an acting VP for Business Affairs. In spite of these enjoyable forays, his continues to be most deeply involved in the planning and implementation of technology across all areas of the College.

David Smallen