student image

Photo by Orin Zyvan ’04

Brian Radzinsky ’09

political science

Hometown: Boulder Creek, California

How Reed changed me: Reed truly taught me how to think. Reed students don’t amass much information. We’re terrible at trivia. But in exchange for large body of facts and figures we’re given the frameworks for sound argumentation and a critical approach to acquiring knowledge. So, in that sense, Reed has made me smarter. I also became a far better writer. It’s not perfect by any means. I, for one, wish I had learned more facts and figures.

Adviser: Prof. Rafi Youatt

Thesis: Deadly Status Symbols: Prestige Objects and Libya’s Nuclear Program

What it’s about: My thesis tackles two questions. First, in what ways are nuclear weapons prestigious? Second, what role do prestige considerations play in countries’ decisions to build nuclear weapons? I look at these questions through the lens of Libya.

What it’s really about: How Obama can take Iran’s status considerations seriously without ringing in Armageddon.