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Interior Rooms

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Nunnery, East Building, Uxmal
1917. "Fig. 19. Uxmal. House of the Nuns. East building." (each of the five outer doorways leads to an outer room with inner room behind; but central rooms are unique in that both their outer and inner rooms also have small shrine rooms at each end).
Published in Seler, “Die Ruinen von Uxmal,” 1917
1843. "East Building, Casa de las Monjas, Uxmal, Room inside Central Doorway" Vol.I, facing p.308" (outside doorway at left, doorway to back room at right; doorway to a small side room in end wall).
Closely based on Catherwood’s 1841-42 on-site drawing, published in Stephens, Incidents of Travel in Yucatan, 1843

2003. Same view as in 1843 print at left. The relatively straight vault shape is unusual for Puuc interiors, but common in major Uxmal buildings.
Jan. 2003 (24mm lens, flash; in this photo the verticals have not been artificially straightened as has been done in the print at left).

Central front room, large doorway to backroom at left, showing recent restoration of jambs and lintels.
Jan. 2003 (24mm lens, flash)
 Detail of new lintels seen in photo at left.
Jan. 2001 (flash)
Cental front room, looking north, doorway into unusual, small side room at end of central room.
Jan. 2003 (24mm lens, flash)
Large central back room; doorway into front room at left, looking north to endwall with doorway into unusual, small side room at end.
Jan. 2003 (24mm lens, flash)
 Same central back room; doorway into front room at right, looking south to endwall with doorway small side room.
Jan. 2003 (24mm lens, flash)
 Second room from left, showing vault lid stones spanning top of vault (not arch keystones).
Jan. 2003 (24mm lens, flash)
Second room from left, showing upper portion of end wall and vaults.
Jan. 2003 (24mm lens, flash)
Detail of area in photo at left, showing crosspole with its ends in wall depressions; below seem to be circular airvents filled in with lime concrete to discourage bats and swallows.
Jan. 2003 (24mm lens, flash)
Detail of area seen in photos at left.
Jan. 2003 (24mm lens, flash)

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