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Architecture, Restoration, and Imaging
of the Maya Cities of
The Puuc Region, Yucatán, México
Charles Rhyne
Reed College

Annotated Bibliography

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This bibliography focuses on the overlapping subjects of this web publication: the architecture of the Maya cities of Uxmal, Kabah, Sayil, and Labná; their restoration and reconstruction; and the graphic and photographic recording of these Maya sites over the years. In the annotations also, primary attention is given to these aspects of each publication.

This focus means that many publications on Maya subjects are not included. Even classic introductions such as Michael Coe's The Maya are not included because, understandably, they are so broad that they barely mention the Puuc region.

Nevertheless, a few publications that do not deal extensively with the Puuc region are included, because of their importance for understanding the history of restoration at these four sites or approaches to their imaging.

In this bibliography, each publication is listed under four categories: subject, author, title, and date of publication. Where a book contains chapters on different subjects by different authors, one or more of these chapters may also be listed separately, under its own subject, author, and title.

Web publication makes possible more extensive annotation than is normally possible in print. In a few cases I have felt that publications could only be adequately described with mini-reviews, which I hope may indicate something of the history of scholarship on the imaging and restoration of these four sites.

For annotated, comprehensive bibliographies on Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica see Berlo, 1985, and the continuing FAMSI website Bibliographia Mesoamerica. An outstanding annotated bibliography on the Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites was published by the Getty Conservation Institute, 2003. As alternative forms for annotated bibliographies, I especially admire chapter 2 of Jeff Kowalski's The House of the Governor, 1987, and Mary Miller and Karl Taube’s “Guide to Sources and Bibliography” (in An Illustrated Dictionary of The Gods and Symbols of Ancient Mexico and the Maya, 1993, pb. 1997: 194-214).

Unannotated bibliographies: for an important, up-to-date bibliography on the Northern Yucatan, see Prem 2003; for a comprehensive bibliography on Maya civilization, see Weeks 1997; and for an extensive, early bibliography on Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica see Bernal 1962.


Subject                     Author                     Title                     Date