Theatre Department

Open House

Welcome to Open House, a devised, digital, participatory theatre performance!

open house production poster

Reed Theatre’s Junior Production invites you to play some games, meet the neighbors, and explore what could be your new dream home—as well as the meaning of home, community, and belonging in the face of increasing home insecurity. Hosted live on Zoom from Friday, March 26 to Sunday March 28 at 7:30 PM PST, tickets are free—and the house is open!

Content Warning: This performance touches on issues of housing instability, including homelessness, eviction, and discrimination.


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Lucy Allison - lighting designer
Aaron Berlau - room operator
Robert Brigham -Conference and Events Planning
Jimmy Caponera - stage manager, performer
Caitlin Cisek - Production Manager
Jules Dubel - performer
Kate Duffly -Co-producer, Junior Production faculty 
Alice Irvin - dramaturg, playwright, assistant director, performer
Ara Manoogian - scenic designer, props designer, audience care
Zoe Massey - stage manager
Justine Nakase - director
Trevor Sargent - Digital Designer
Lily Simon - performer
Rusty Tennant -Technical Director 
Alissa Warren - Costumes Director
Zoe Watch - costume designer, assistant director, performer
Charlie Wilcox -Faculty Admin. Coordinator
T. S. Wolff - dramaturg, playwright, digital designer, performer