COVID-19 On-Campus Work Information for Students

If you have questions about any of the information below, please contact Kate Walford, student work coordinator at

Student work for the 20-21 academic year

Departments may have student workers perform work on campus with public health measures in place and/or remotely during the 20-21 academic year. This is subject to change based on public health guidance and college policy.

Remote work 

Student work at Reed is intended to be performed and supervised on campus. Therefore, student workers are generally not permitted to perform work off-site. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Reed is permitting supervisors to allow student work to be performed off-site (such as at a student’s residence) when feasible to reduce density in spaces on campus. 

Work for the college must be performed within the state of Oregon. Students who are living out of state are not eligible for student work.

Student work after 11/22 (residence halls close)

It is the college’s policy that work must be performed within the State of Oregon for compliance purposes. Exceptions are permitted for incidental work performed in another state while traveling for business or during personal travel that is temporary. 

In applying this guidance for the students for the fall semester, a student worker that is already employed during fall semester and is traveling out of state for the last few weeks of the semester may continue to work remotely through the end of finals given the short duration. Students who have travelled out of state during this time must not work past 12/15, the last day of finals. They may resume working for spring semester once they have returned to Oregon. 

Students who are remaining in Oregon for the winter break may continue to work remotely and/or in person during the break.

Disability accommodations for individuals at high risk 

Student workers who are in a high risk group (such as being immunocompromised) for COVID-19 may seek accommodations in the workplace. Students seeking disability-related accommodations (regardless of relation to COVID-19) for student work positions should contact Kate Walford at or by making an appointment to begin the process. 

COVID-19 safety measures 

On-campus student work must be in adherence to the same return to work and public health guidance as outlined for staff, which is subject to change based on public health guidance. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Six feet of physical distance is required at all times on campus, indoors or outdoors. In departments where proximity to others is part of the work, a protocol for maintaining six feet of distance is required.
  • Occupancy for shared office spaces should not exceed 50% of normal levels.
  • Cloth face coveringsare required at all times except in a private, individual workplace with the door closed.
  • Student workers must complete their Daily Health Check and recieve a green "GO" message in order to come to work on campus. 

Student workers are required to follow all public health guidance while performing work physically on campus. Please see the Student Worker COVID-19 Expectations handout for information on the guidance student workers are expected to follow when working on campus. Supervisors will provide job-specific training on public health guidance when you return to work. 

If you have questions or concerns about public health protocol in your on-campus job, please reach out to your supervisor. You may also contact the student work coordinator at

Missing work due to illness or quarantine 

If you are a student worker and have tested positive for COVID-19, have any COVID-19 symptoms and/or a red "STOP" message on your daily health check, or have been instructed to quarantine for possible exposure, you must:

  • Stay at home and contact the HCC if they have not done so already. Do NOT physically go to work. 
  • Contact your supervisor to let them know you will be missing work. You may use this template email if you’d like, but you are not required to. 
  • Your supervisor may provide you with work to complete remotely at your residence during this time. If remote work is not offered or you do not feel well enough to complete remote work, you may use accrued paid sick time for scheduled shifts that you miss due to illness or quarantine. Instructions for this are in the student worker handbook on page 13. 
  • If you are experiencing financial hardship due to missing work, resources may be available. Contact the financial aid office to discuss options.  

You must not physically attend work if you have symptoms, a positive COVID-19 test, or a suspected exposure until you have been cleared by staff at HCC to resume campus activities.