Student and Campus Life

Division of Student Life

Student and Campus Life

Student and Campus Life at Reed reflects Student Service's mission to "promote student success and wellbeing, and to foster an inclusive Reed community."  We invite you to join us in developing honorable, inclusive, and inquisitive communities at Reed.

The Departments of Student and Campus Life (SCL)

The Pillars of Student and Campus Life

In our work we are guided by a shared sense of purpose, demonstrated by the Student and Campus Life Pillars.

Honor and Community Sustainability

  • SCL recognizes that honor and the honor principle are foundational to the development of community at Reed, especially community that builds upon the prior experiences of all community members, intentionally provides opportunities for community members to reflect on these experiences, and explicitly expects community members to grow as individuals.
  • Restorative justice processes employed by the departments in SCL allow all community members the opportunity to reflect on the ways their honorable and dishonorable behaviors may affect their community, and to provide restitution that rebuilds their communities and provides opportunities for continued growth.

Civic Engagement

  • SCL offers a growing number of opportunities to Reed community members to engage politically, participate in transformative action, and perform service that includes opportunities for growth via reflection.
  • SCL is committed to contributing to the development of a culture of service at Reed, that includes community members developing and completing service projects that allow them to engage in activities that address a variety of social inequities, reflect on their own privilege and opportunities, and experience personal growth relative to leadership and community engagement.

Inclusive Dialogue and Inquiry

  • Across the departments in SCL, we aim to provide students with opportunities to critically examine their own assumptions and knowledge regarding their own and other identifies, cultures, and ways of being.
  • The departments in SCL encourage formal and informal critical conversations and intensive inquiry regarding identity, as well as privilege and social justice concepts.

Praxis and Co-Curricular Engagement

  • Our community's deep respect and passion for learning are potentially less useful if that learning remains purely theoretical.  SCL departments provide students with practical opportunities to engage and expand upon the learning associated with the academic curriculum.
  • SCL departments believe that the life of the mind includes using knowledge in ways that challenge and reshape the social status quo. Our co-curricular programming is designed to encourage students to critically engage curricular scholarship.


More about the Departments of Student and Campus Life

Restorative Practices
The Honor Principle encourages all community members to consider the potential impact their actions have on other individuals and the community as a whole. Because our conceptions of honor are not static, nor easily defined, we constantly engage with one another about what it means to live with the Honor Principle, in ways that promote personal responsibility and mutual respect.

Office for Inclusive Community
The Office for Inclusive Community seeks to create and sustain an inclusive campus environment that meets the needs of all members. This is accomplished through campus programming, facilitating constructive dialogues, and supporting all students as they explore the intersection of identities.

Residence Life
Residence Life oversees the comprehensive program that surrounds the experience of living on-campus in a residence hall or other college housing option. With an extensive team of professional staff and student staff, Residence Life coordinates community focused programming and a safe and welcoming environment for students in the residence halls.

SEEDS (Students for Education, Empowerment, and Direct Service) connects students to our wider community in an effort to complement Reed's academic program, inform students’ personal and career development, and to create and sustain a positive impact within the communities served. SEEDS supports Reed students in their decision to engage off campus through volunteer, service, and (off-campus FWS) paid internship opportunities. 

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
The goal of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) program is to educate the community and coordinate response to sexual violence, relationship abuse, and stalking. The Assistant Dean supports survivors, trains faculty and staff, and trains and supervises peer advocates and educators.

Student Engagement
Student Engagement strives to nurture cross-campus involvement and to foster the intentional development of the whole student. We do this through support of student senate and student groups, and through programs such as Gray Fund, Reed Arts Week, and the Leadership and Involvement Series.