Student Life

Sophomores Rising, which is open to all sophomores, provides second-year students with opportunities to build social connections, explore academic departments and majors, and attend skill-building workshops critical to success in the sophomore year.

Sophomores Rising is a collaboration between Student Life, the Office for Institutional Diversity, and the Center for Life Beyond Reed.

2018–19 Events

Sophomore Experiences

We know that first year students find the pre-orientation experience to be beneficial in creating social connections and learning about campus resources. We are excited to offer similar experiences this fall for returning sophomores! Students can choose from two outdoor experiences coordinated by Reed Outdoor Programs and Education.

Sophomore Experieces will take place Wednesday, August ​22, through Friday, August 24. These trips are open exclusively to returning students entering their sophomore year, and there is no fee to participate. All associated costs will be covered. You can participate in one experience only since all trips are running at the same time.

Application deadline is July 15. Questions? Contact Will Symms in Athletics, Fitness, and Outdoor Programs.

Outdoor Experiences

The Outdoor Experience will offer sophomores a chance to see some of the spectacular areas just outside of Portland, connect with classmates, and enjoy an outdoor adventure. This trip is for all skill levels but participants should be ready to camp out-of-doors, endure some physical trials, and be willing to step outside of their comfort zones. This year we are offering two (2) outdoor experiencs both based out of Trout Lake Washington and include a variety of base camp adventures such as: Working on a Organic Dairy farm, yoga and meditation visits to the Buddhist Abbey, hiking to sleepy beauty ridge line, a day with the Alpacas and much more yet to be planned. One trip will be based in an outdoor camp with tents and outdoor living and the other trip will have dormitory style housing with rustic accommodations.

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*Please note: Reed College reserves the right to alter or cancel trips based on conditions or situations outside the control of the college. These conditions include but are not limited to low registration, wildfire risk, and low water conditions. If Reed offers an alternative trip, participants will be contacted to opt-in to the new activity.

Sophomore Summit

Sophomore Summit is a half-day program that takes place at the start of fall semester. The 2018 Sophomore Summit TBD. 

The program will begin with lunch and a presentation by Cameron Whitten. Following lunch, students can choose between concurrent 40 minute workshops. These workshops are designed to equip students with skills that are critical to success in the sophomore year. Based on student surveys and feedback from last year's Summit, we've identified the following workshop topics:  

  • Major Exploration and Finding Your Purpose
  • Fellowships and Grants
  • Networking
  • Office Hours and Communicating with Faculty
  • Time Management and Self Care

After the workshops, the program will conclude with a panel discussion with alumni. 

Sophomore Dinners Hosted by Alumni: Stay Tuned!

Alumni-hosted dinners are being planned as part of the Sophomores Rising program—check back here for updates soon.