Student Life

Reed College Locker Assignments

Reed College has a limited number of lockers available at no-cost to individual students and student groups. There are 50 lockers located in the lower level of the Gray Campus Center (GCCs) across from the mailroom. The lockers can be reserved for one semester or for the full academic year.

At the start of the Fall semester the lockers are allocated with the following priority considerations:

  • Off-Campus Students - 25 lockers
  • Student Groups - 15 lockers
  • On-Campus Students - 10 Lockers

At the start of the third week of classes, unclaimed lockers are available for any individual student or student group to reserve.

How to Request a Locker

To request a locker assignment please fill out the following form:

2019-2020 Locker Sign-Up

Submitting a request does not guarantee that you will be assigned a locker. You will receive a confirmation of your locker assignment within 2–3 business days after submitting the form. If there are no lockers available at the time of your request, you will be notified and added to a waitlist. We will let you know as soon as a locker becomes available for your use.

Locker assignments are managed through the Student Life Office. If you have any questions or concerns about the lockers please contact administrative coordinator for Student Life Megan Simón at (503) 517-7396 or

Guidelines for Locker Use

A student or student group who requests the use of a locker agree to honor the following guidelines for use:

  • Lockers must be vacated no later than the day after Commencement, or the last day of finals week for Fall semester only rentals.
  • If you wish to extend your use of the locker beyond the initial agreed upon time please email prior to the deadline you were initially given.
  • The individual student or student group must provide and use a standard combination lock or padlock.
  • If the assigned locker is left unoccupied without a lock for an extended period of time, the Student Life Office may reassign a locker to another student.
  • Lockers are not to be used in order to store hazardous materials such as white gas and propane, corrosives such as acids and bases, or any chemical that could cause harm or injury.
  • Locker use must adhere to the Reed College Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy.
  • Community Safety Officers reserve the right to cut off your lock if there is a public safety issue regarding your locker or if you do not respond to notices from the Student Life Office about the renewal of your locker.