The 100 List

100 Things to Do During Your Time at Reed

As a Reed student, you will have many opportunities to engage in a wide range of experiences, both inside the classroom and beyond. We have some ideas about how you might make the most of your time at Reed, but ultimately you will define success on your own terms. To that end, we have provided the following checklist, which suggests 100 possible activities or experiences a Reed student might pursue as part of a fulfilling college experience.

We do not expect that anyone will have accomplished all of these items by the time they graduate, or would necessarily aspire to do so. Rather, we hope you will give thoughtful consideration to the question, “What do you want to get out of your time at Reed?” and that this exercise will help you make the most of this next chapter in your life.


The List

1.     Decorate your residence hall room
2.     Meet new people and let them meet the real you
3.     Take a humanities survey class
4.     Take a lab science
5.     Write a resume
6.     Begin to learn a (new) language
7.     Learn to pay attention to what is good for your physical well-being
8.     Get more confident about your understanding of consent
9.     Learn about safe sex and how to communicate your boundaries
10.   Ask someone for help
11.   Visit a museum or historic landmark
12.   Try something you don’t expect to be good at
13.   Read a book not assigned for class
14.   Engage with at least one on-campus group or club
15.   Set a goal for your first summer
16.   Speak in class
17.   Go to career services and ask a question
18.   Consider your current philosophy of life and try to articulate it
19.   Consider how you project aspects and qualities of yourself to others
20.   Learn to disagree respectfully
21.   Identify core intellectual capabilities that are important to you
22.   Develop your writing; write multiple drafts
23.   Learn to manage stress
24.   Meet a friend’s parents
25.   Go to a dance performance, music concert, or play
26.   Fall in love… with someone or something
27.   Learn to code
28.   Explore three possible majors
29.   Choose a major you love
30.   Get to know a professor during office hours
31.   Think about how you are being socialized
32.   Get involved in a play
33.   Explore a new (to you) culture in depth
34.   Apply for a: job, fellowship, grant, leadership position, etc.
35.   Have a conversation about honor
36.   Take an active role in caring for your physical and mental health
37.   Create a monthly budget
38.   Live with people you trust
39.   Add something new to your resume
40.   Volunteer for something you believe in
41.   Get a job
42.   Explore college traditions
43.   Experiment with a new approach to nutrition
44.   Have a conversation about inequality
45.   Write one paper you truly love
46.   Learn to communicate honestly
47.   Take a long walk by yourself
48.   Write something unrelated to school
49.   Make friends from other countries
50.   Say thank you to someone who has supported you
51.   Study abroad
52.   Think about your work or graduate school goals
53.   Plan an off-campus adventure
54.   Play outside: Ski/snowboard/snowshoe/raft/hike/rock climb
55.   Find a reliable source for important world news
56.   Choose some role models and mentors
57.   Do a major research project
58.   Make a film with friends
59.   Plan a summer that helps you grow
60.   Read a biography or two
61.   Keep a journal
62.   Watch ten classic films
63.   Get to know your city
64.   Visit a friend over the holidays
65.   Take a class not required for your degree; round out your education
66.   Learn to break up responsibly
67.   Share your talents with others
68.   Be less self-centered
69.   Find one extra-curricular passion
70.   Think about religion and spirituality
71.   Explore your relationship with gender and sexuality
72.   Identify an unproductive habit and eliminate it
73.   Babysit, tutor, or mentor a child
74.   Ask for forgiveness; forgive someone else
75.   Live off-campus
76.   Start planning your life after college
77.   Explore a political issue that impacts your home
78.   Fail better
79.   Complete a major senior project
80.   Learn how to repair something (clothes, bikes, cars, computers, etc.)
81.   Save your favorite books
82.   Identify what is important to you in life
83.   Decide one thing you want to do after college
84.   Make a pledge to support your college
85.   Throw a party
86.   Make some art
87.   Go camping
88.   Learn to cook one real meal and share it with others
89.   Learn to meditate
90.   Watch the sun rise
91.   Think broadly about where you want to live in the future
92.   Embrace maturity
93.   Take the class you wanted to take but haven’t yet
94.   Go outside your comfort zone
95.   Identify a challenge you overcame
96.   Support your friends
97.   Improve your financial literacy
98.   Make a list for the next phase of your life
99.   Show gratitude to the faculty and staff who have supported you
100. Graduate!


How to Ask for Help

Need some help? Reed staff are here to support you as you take new challenges.