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Ticket Subsidy & Free Events

Ticket subsidy

The ticket subsidy program provides an excellent way for students to get off campus, explore what Portland has to offer, and take a break from studying. The Office for Student Engagement purchases tickets to various events in Portland which, in turn, are sold to students at approximately half price. Events may include concerts, lectures, plays, sporting events, and more.

Ticket subsidy tickets are distributed via lotteries. Check the list in the student center or campus flyers for upcoming lottery information.  Lottery sign up and ticket suggestion sheets are located in the student center.

Free events

The Office for Student Engagement purchases tickets to most events that take place in the Kaul Auditorium. Some common events include concerts by the Portland Baroque Orchestra, Chamber Music Northwest, and the Portland Gay Men's Chorus. We distribute these tickets free to students on a first-come, first-served basis. Look around campus for our poster for a full listing of available tickets or look for flyers advertising individual events.


For more information, or to submit suggestions for upcoming ticket purchases, call Derrick Del Pilar in student engagement at 503/788-6692 or email the Office for Student Engagement.

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