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Reedies Against Racism (RAR)

Our mission is to resist racism and anti-blackness at our school and in the greater Portland community, while always remembering to remain intersectional and prioritize the most marginalized members of our communities. Our current project is ending Reed's contract with Wells Fargo as its operating bank. We meet with tentative regularity on Thursdays at 5:30 in the Infoshop (GCC basement). We also tend to meet on Sunday evenings in preparation for the week.

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Restorative Justice Coalition

Restorative justice is a philosophy of justice that centers healing and community empowerment instead of punishment and incarceration.

Our work on campus centers around writing restorative policies for Reed, holding community-building restorative circles, and advocating for restorative approaches to justice in the world at large.

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Reed's only rugby club! an older reed tradition / sport, coached by a reed alum, where you're only allowed to throw the ball backwards. aside from the actual (weird) rules of the sport, reed rugby aims to create a diverse, inclusive and fun environment for people to learn new skills, exercise, and build community. We welcome any and all skill levels and would love to see you on Wednesdays (4-6) and Sundays (12-2) on the rugby field (west of Naito).

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Russian Revolution Oktoberfest

This semester the German and Russian Houses will be hosting Oktoberfest with a Russian spin; Russian Roulette Oktoberfest! Come and take a chance, you'll never know what you're getting! German atmosphere? Russian music? German or Russian food? It'll all be there! Beer Nation will be providing the beer if you are 21+, and we will be inviting the Eastern. European/Russian/Ukrainian local band Chervona! Non-alcoholic beverages will also be provided, along with German sausages, Russian pierogi, and other various foods! Please vote for us so we can make this happen for you!

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SCAPP (Student Committee on Academic Policy and Planning)

We are the student contingent of CAPP, which is the faculty committee that makes decisions about changes to academics at Reed.

Meetings are open and non members are encouraged to attend.

Also join SCAPP by applying in mid/late September (special spots for freshman will be reserved).

Members get to attend CAPP and faculty meetings if they want and are encouraged to participate in dialogue with other students and student groups about academics at Reed.

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Synergy is Reed's longest running campus booking organization. Since 2014 we have brought over fifty artists, many of whom are some of the most exciting voices at the forefront of underground music, to perform at Reed. These include Noname (Chance the Rapper collaborator), Elysia Crampton (who performed her live A/V piece Dissolution Of The Sovereign: A Time Slide Into The Future), DJ Spinn + Teklife CREW, RP Boo (#1 dance track of 2015, SPIN), NGUZUNGUZU (who DJed the VMAs months after), Vektroid (aka macintosh plus, founder of Vaporwave), Skylar Spence, Lil B the Based God, and many others. Over the years we have cultivated a vibe at Synergy shows that is not only unheard of at most colleges, but unheard of in Portland at large due to many barriers to entry (especially for underaged people) in the local music scene. We focus on booking and supporting artists of color and queer artists of color as we believe this is the most responsible use of booking funds at Reed. Your top 6 vote could help bring life-changing shows to campus.

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Safety Kollective

You are valuable! This club will exist for the express purpose of helping keep Reedies safe on the personal level. Through Safety Kollectiv, we hope to be able to provide means of protection for our fellow students, and with significant priority to the members of our community that are low-SES, trans, PoC, differently abled, and femme.

We aim to engage in discussions on personal safety for these groups, provide non-lethal self-defense objects, such as pepper spray or keychain knuckles, as well as more proactive defense training, such as inviting themed self defense or preventative safety instructors, as well as training Reedies in gun safety and going on sponsored trips to gun ranges.

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We will eat your trash.

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Sexual Health Advocacy Group

SHAG (Sexual Health Advocacy Group) has a mission to provide education about sexual topics, and to encourage open discussion of sexuality. SHAG will aim to promote awareness of sexual topics including sexual pleasure, sexual health, and emotional well being relating to sexuality and relationships. SHAG's main event will be SEX WEEK, a series of events early in the Spring semester. These will include a student gallery for self expression of sexuality, other projects students want to contribute, and outside experts giving presentations and workshops to educate and normalize the discussion of sexual topics.

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Soap-making Club

We are a group of Reedies interested in making soap! We will create many types of soap over the course of the year. If permitted by safety regulations, we'll use the cold process method, which means we'll be making our soap from scratch! Soap-making is a craft at the intersection of art and science. We'll design our soap, then watch chemical reactions occur between the ingredients we've chosen. We will scent our soaps with essential oils and color them using pigments derived directly from nature. Participants will be able to keep some of the soap they make, and the rest will be donated to the Reed Community Pantry or to Portland shelters, so that everyone can meet basic hygiene needs with a piece of art that isn't basic at all (soap pun).

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Sound Kollectiv AV

Sound Kollectiv is the backbone of student events, we set-up lights and audio equipment for every show and dance that uses student body funds.

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South Asian Students Station (SASS)

We are a group of students of south Asian descent who want to develop a small yet strong south Asian community at Reed, and find a space to connect, both through our food and through our culture (watching and reminiscing about films, for instance).

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Spanish House

The Spanish House brings Spanish language and Hispanic culture to Reed. These events are open to the entire campus, providing you with an opportunity to practice Spanish and take a slice of a (potentially) new cultural context. This semester we are celebrating the culture of Ibiza, a small island off the coast of Spain. Vote for the Spanish House to ensure that you can eat delicious paella and learn how to folk dance. There will be: food! music! lights! flowers!

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Student Darkroom

Use the darkroom to develop and print your own black and white photos! All necessary materials are provided for free, and no experience is necessary to use them :--)

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Student of Color Union

As stated in our name, the purpose of the Students of Color Union is to unionize: we, as a fellowship, make express personal and widely shared grievances across multi-identity groups while also searching to ameliorate them publicly and peacefully. We aim to catalyze the building and empowering of representatives for and from a multitude of cultures and progress toward a safer community within but also separate from the lesser marginalized groups of campus.

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Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)

We are Reed's chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), an international group dedicated to ending the War on Drugs. At Reed, we mainly focus on providing harm reduction materials on campus, such as testing kits, supplements, fact-based information, tabling at SU balls, naloxone training, trip sitting, and more! Last year we also worked to put the syringe disposals in the GCC bathrooms (if you use any form of syringe, please put them there!), to keep kratom legal, and to pass the Oregon law that moved possession of small quantities of scheduled substances from a felony to a misdemeanor. This year we are hoping to raise money to bail out POC arrested on drug charges in Multnomah and Clackamas counties, bring in speakers to talk about their experiences of the drug war, and more! If you have any suggestions, we'll try to make them happen.

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Students in Solidarity with the Workers Union of Burgerville (SSWUB)

Interested in labor organizing? Direct action? In your own backyard (Portland)??
SSWUB is just that!!

SSWUB works toward providing solidarity with the Burgerville Workers Union, a local union that's organized through the IWW.
We do so through helping with actions and the union's benefits program, educating ourselves on the work of labor organizing and anti-capitalism and the plight of the working class, showing up at pickets and other actions, & much more!!

While our solidarity work is oriented toward the Burgerville Workers Union, we welcome those who are interested in labor organizing/taking down the boss/other related topics more generally as well.

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Students of Color Community (SOCC) ((new))

The Students of Color Community aims to continue serving as a safe, healing space for students of color in need of a retreat from the stress of racism in white-dominated social and academic spaces at Reed. We value equitable decision-making, connecting with local communities of color, and affirming individual identities in all of their complexity through sharing and remembering personal stories and collective histories. To make our space most inclusive, we center black and indigenous voices, as well as queer and gender-nonconforming voices. By working to foster community investment in our space among residents and by prioritizing events that return our energy to us rather than sending it out into white spaces, we hope to be a space of rest and sanctuary for students of color.We consider mentorship a necessity and will open to the greater community of students of color at Reed, with particular emphasis on involving first-years.

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Sunny Day Sorbet

Delicious sorbet distributed on the quad and front lawn if its sunny out!

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Surf Club

Surf club brings people to the coast for lessons and surfing

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The Garden

Hi! We keep the Garden looking nice, and being functional, so that we, the gardening crew, can plant and grow lots of cool and yummy things!

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The Grail student magazine

The Grail is a biweekly magazine made by Reedies, for Reedies. Our magazine strives to be a home for student voices in all genres, including articles about the history of Reed, personal essays, journalism, cultural curiosities, opinions, fashion, media reviews, fiction, poetry, and reporting about the world beyond campus. We believe in improving our skills as writers, reporters, and artists by creating thoughtful pieces and engaging with the community.
Interested in writing for the Grail? Have an idea for an article you want to write or a topic to suggest to others? Join the weekly writers' meetings at 9:00pm on Mondays, in the lowest level of the PAB!

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We're Reed's comic library! We're a location on campus for you to hang out and read comics and we're introducing a facebook presence to talk about those comics!

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The Pamphlette

The Pamphlette is Reed's premiere satirical news source. We're completely student run and student supported, up to and including printing costs. We publish jokes from student submissions and provide an outlet for all the shit that you can't publish in the Quest because it contains the word fucko too many times.

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The Russian and German Houses Present: Russian Revolution Oktoberfest!

This semester the German and Russian Houses will be hosting Oktoberfest with a Russian spin; Russian Roulette Oktoberfest! Come and take a chance, you'll never know what you're getting! German atmosphere? Russian music? German or Russian food? It'll all be there! Beer Nation will be providing the beer if you are 21+, and we will be inviting the Eastern European/Russian/Ukrainian local band Chervona! Non-alcoholic beverages will also be provided, along with German sausages, Russian pierogi, and other various foods! Please vote for us so we can make this happen for you!

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A non-partisan discussion space.

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Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Peer Group

Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Peer Group is a space for trans, gender non-conforming, and questioning Reedies to find support, friends, and food!

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Trial and Error Club

Ever wanted to do dumb sh*t and not get judged for it? Top 6 Trial and Error Club and you can have fun performing a layman's attempt at the scientific method.

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Weapons of Mass Distraction (WMD)

Reed's fire performing arts group! We put on various shows for everyone on campus throughout the year.

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We're just as cheesy as our name and Bollywood itself would suggest. Join us bi-monthly to watch Bollywood movies and eat fun Indian food.

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