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NamePeriod Kollectiv

We believe that every person at Reed should have easy access to menstrual supplies when and where they need them. Top 6 Period Kollectiv and we promise to keep all bathrooms all over campus stocked with free tampons and pads, heating patches for cramps, medicine to alleviate pain, and supplements for overall menstrual health and relief. We will to target bathrooms in academic buildings, the library, the GCC, and the SU. We strive to only buy unbleached, chlorine free, organic products. We know that people of all genders experience menstruation as a regular part of their lives, and plan to accommodate everyone equally. Last year we had a lot of support from the student body, and were able to get funding for these supplies but they are not cheap!! Please Top 6 us to ensure that these essential supplies can be distributed around campus. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email

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