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Committee information

We can't bring great events and plan exciting trips if we don't know what you want! The committee is generally working a semester to a year in advance. Please contact committee members with suggestions or email Jamila Dozier.

Decision making

We wish we could act on every suggestion, but we need to work within some boundaries. Here are some guidelines we will follow to determine if your idea for an on-campus event is plausible:

  • How much does the artist or speaker cost?
  • Will the attendance be proportional to the price?
  • Do we have an appropriately sized venue? Is it available on the same day the performer or speaker is available?
  • Can we provide for the technical needs of the person or group?
  • Over the course of four years, will everyone be able to say that there was at least one event that interested them?
  • Do the dates of the artist or speaker's availability and our available dates coincide?

Committee members 2018-19

Zhenya Bershtein, Professor of Russian
Jaclyn Pryor, Assistant Professor of Theatre

Doris HallOffice Manager, Facilities Services
Miguel Rodriguez, Tutor Program and Quantitative Skills Coordinator, Academic Support Services

Kevin Alarcon '18, Gray Fund Coordinator
Mia Bonilla '18, Gray Fund Coordinator
Shelby Williams '18, Gray Fund Coordinator
Vicki Deng '20, Gray Fund Coordinator

Ex Officio
Brittney Corrigan-McElroy '94, Event Manager, Faculty and Academic Special Events
Kristin Holmberg, Director, Student Engagement
Jamila Dozier (Chair), Assistant Director, Student Engagement
Will Symms, Assistant Director, Athletics, Ftness and Outdoor Programs


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Phone: 503/788-6692
Fax: 503/788-6657
Office: Student Center

Kristin Holmberg

Jamila Dozier
Assistant Director

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