Office for Student Engagement

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Student Events

Event Registration

Student events must be registered in IRIS five business days before the event date. Once you have completed the registration steps below, you are responsible for following up with the offices that need to provide approvals. All approvals need to have been provided and your event needs to be finalized at least 2.5 days before the event date or we will be unable to support your event.

  1. Click on this link to connect to IRIS:
  2. Sign into IRIS as you usually would with your IRIS username and password.
  3. Click on “Register a new event.”
  4. Fill in the pertinent information on the form. Please note that the name will self populate based on who is signed into IRIS. Certain line items (such as location and date) are required while others are optional (such as set up).
  5. Read over the agreement and then click “submit.”
  6. You can track the progress of your event through IRIS. Descriptions of the event process are provided below. You will also receive e-mail updates as your event progresses.


Any time you are paying someone to do something you need to complete a contract.  Please work with a student activities staff member to make sure you are completing the process correctly.  Be sure to plan far enough ahead to get through the whole process in time to get a check cut before your event.

The college’s contract template is preferred over artist or agent contracts and using it will make the process move more quickly.  Please be sure to attach a W-9 form to the contract when you send it to the artist/performer/speaker.

After you and the artist/performer/speaker sign the contract, please bring the contract to the Office for Student Engagement for a staff signature.  Once we have signed it, you can take it to the student senate treasury to get a check cut.

Campus Calendar

After you have registered your event and you have completed the process, you will receive an event confirmation from conference and events planning. The following day you will receive a link to Localist, our calendar provider.  Click the link and use your kerberos credentials to login.  You will be able to add photos, links, descriptions and much more to personalize your event. Calendar events can be seen at