Strategic Planning

Working Group A: Foundational Curriculum information sheet

Members: Melinda Brown ‘06, Suzanne Cassidy ’65, Arthur Glasfeld (co-chair), Paul Gronke, Archit Guhar ‘14, Alex Hrycak, Laura Leibman, Julie Maxfield, Jay Mellies, Mary Ashburn Miller, Nigel Nicholson (co-chair), Julia Selker ‘15

Working Group A would like to encourage a broad discussion about its basic questions:

  • What learning and skills should students gain in foundational or first-year courses (including Hum 110, introductory science classes and first-year foreign language classes) in order to flourish in their subsequent years at Reed and in their lives after Reed?
  • What academic requirements, institutional structures and pedagogical approaches will further these goals?
  • How do we understand the first-year curriculum within our broader model of liberal arts education?

Our goal is to gather input on goals here rather than to analyze current practice.