Strategic Planning

Forum Recordings

November 14, 2013

Working Groups ABCG: Thursday, 11/14/13, 4:30-6pm, Vollum Lecture Hall

 A. Foundational Curriculum

 B. Intermediate and Advanced Curriculum

 C. The Arts at Reed

 G. Research, Teaching and the Liberal Arts College

November 21, 2013

Working Groups FH: Thursday, November 21, 4:30-6pm, Eliot Hall Chapel

 F. Community Governance and Academic Administrative Structure

 H. Faculty and Staff Quality of Life

December 5, 2013

Working Groups IK: Thursday, December 5, 4:30-6pm, Eliot Hall Chapel

I. Whom Do We Want to Educate?

K. Long-term Financial Health of the Institution

December 11, 2013

Working Groups DEJ; Wednesday, December 11, 4:30-6pm, Eliot Hall Chapel

 D. Education Outside the Classroom

 E. Summer and January Term

 J. Student Success