Sports Center

Fencing: All Levels

Instructor: Rob Garcia

This course is not currently being offered.

Fencing classes meet twice a week Tuesday/Thursday evenings 6:30-8:00 pm and are a mix of group exercises, one to one drills, and sparring. The focus is on having fun, being physically active and practicing mental awareness and flexibility. Students are welcome to take any section multiple times.

  • Beginning Fencing: foil fencing basics including attacks, defenses and adaptability.
  • Intermediate Fencing: intermediate foil skills plus an introduction to the other two fencing weapons, saber and epee.
  • Advanced Fencing: A greater focus on tactics, strategy and refereeing fellow classmates.

General notes:

Any student who has completed at least a quarter’s worth of Reed Fencing is always welcome to drop in and take a single class or more for fun, as long as the class has room and extra loaner gear (or you have your own). Come by once a year, or stop in once a week—the door is always open.