Sports Center

Off Campus PE

Instructor: Michael Lombardo

Criteria Off Campus PE is an option for people seeking a PE credit through various sanctioned recreational activities. For Off Campus PE individuals typically train or take classes at an off campus studio or gym for a specific activity. The attendance policy is the same as regularly offered Reed PE courses and proof of attendance is required for successful completion. All Off Campus PE credit must be authorized by the Director of Athletics, Fitness and Outdoor Programs prior to the course starting to ensure it meets the requirements for PE credit. Students must officially register for Off Campus PE prior to each quarter that they are engaged in their off campus efforts in order to be eligible to receive PE credit.

Please be aware that you are only eligible to receive PE credit for Off Campus PE if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have already completed at least 4 of your PE credits through prior classes at the Sports Center or transfer PE credits already accepted by the registrar.
  • You have a compelling reason or extenuating circumstance justifying your request to take a physical education class that the Reed PE program cannot provide to you, which would be determined after a conversation/proposal between the student & Director of Athletics, Fitness and Outdoor Programs.

The activity must:

  •  take place in a professional facility (fitness center, yoga studio, etc.) - be supervised by a fitness professional - meet no less than 2 hours weekly over a period of 7 consecutive weeks - occur during the academic quarter that you are registered for OCPE

Verification of your attendance and participation of the activity on official letterhead must be submitted to the Director of Athletics, Fitness and Outdoor Programs at the end of the quarter.

Please take note: Students can only take two (2) combined of the non-directed classes (OCPE, Swim Fitness, Meditation, Running Club, Independent Climb) but otherwise you can take as many of the directed classes as you'd like!