Codex Fejervary
Old Mexican representation of the four parts of the world

Babylonian World Map c. 500 B.C. Reproduced from Imago Mundi, II (1937) opp. p. 1

The Ebstorf world map c.1235

World map from Isidore of Seville (Augsburg, 1472), reproduced from Shirley, The Mapping of the World, p. 1

World map from the anonymous Rudimentum Novitorum (Lubeck, 1474) Reproduced from Shirley, The Mapping of the World, p. xxi

World map from Ptolemy, Geographia (Rome, 1478)

The Ptolemy-Crivelli World Map, Rome? c. 1480 (c. 1590)

World map in Ambrosius Macrobius, In Somnium Scipionis (Brescia, 1483)

Christopher Columbus
Sketch of Española

"The Christopher Columbus Chart"

World map by Hanns Rúst (Augsburg, late 15th century), redrawn by J. D. S. Knight in simplified form

Juan de la Cosa
World Chart 1500
Santa Maria (Cádiz)

Juan de la Cosa
(Detail) World Chart 1500
Santa Maria (Cádiz)

The "Cantino" planisphere 1502

(Detail)"Cantino" planisphere 1502

Martin Waldseemuller
Universalis Cosmographia 1507
Secundum Ptholomaei Traditionem Et Americi Vespucii Aliorque Lustraciones

The World Map of Johannes Ruysch, Rome 1507 from the Rome edition of Ptolemy's Geography, 1507

Martin Waldseemuller
Terre Nove 1513

Hernán Cortés
map Tenochitilan 1524

The "Salvati" planisphere c.1527

The Map of the New World of Sebastian Münster, Basel 1538 from the Basel edition of Ptolemy's Geography, 1540

Sebastian Munster
The New Islands 1546
Basel (Switzerland)

Pierre Desceliers
World Map 1550
Arques (Dieppe, France)

Pierre Desceliers
(Detail)World Map 1550
Arques (Dieppe, France)

Lopo Homem
World Map

A chart of the Caribbean, with parts of North and South America from the manuscript atlas of Sebastiao Lopes, c. 1565

Mapmakers Gerardus Mercator and Jodocus Hondius

Theodore de Bry
Town of Secota, Virginia
after 1570

The World Map of Abraham Ortelius, Antwerp 1570 from the Spanish edition of his Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, Theatro de la Tierra Universal, Antwerp, 1588

A.F. van Langreen
Map of South America 1595

The Molineux-Wright World Map, London 1599 from Richard Hakluyt's Principal Navigations, 1599

Mexican map mid 16thc
Codex Tepetlaoztoc

Nicholaus Geelkreck
World Map 1632

Theodore de Bry
Types of American Palm Trees and their Nuts