Hank Green on Genderbready Stuff

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In this video, Hank talks about a lot of stuff covered in the Genderbread Person posts. This is definitely not a perfect model either, but I think it's interesting to get another version (though he is also a cishet white male...). For example, though he does have the continuum going from "man" to "woman", which I do think is problematic, I think it's interesting that he added the "intensity" dimension.

Posted by Miriam Gölz on September 2, 2015

Biological Sex;
Sexual Orientation;
Gender Binary

The Third Sex: The Truth About Gender Ambiguity

Discussion of the hardships faced by intersexed individuals, including sex reassignment surgery, gender identity, and societal stigma.

Marriage Rights for Intersex Individuals in Texas

A judge in Texas in 2010 refused to rule on whether trans or intersex individuals had the right to marry (and so be considered to be in "opposite-sex" relationships).

Posted on September 25, 2012

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