Appalachian English

The Legendary Language of the Appalachian “Holler”

An exploration of Appalachian English; its origins and its relation to other variations of English (such as AAE); the article also discusses the myth that Appalachian English is frozen in time, reminiscent of Old English. [Published on 08-08-2018]

Posted by Anna Farrar on May 14, 2021

Appalachian English

American Tongues: How they talk in KY, OH, and TX

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An excerpt from the documentary American Tongues profiling speech in three states: Kentucky, Ohio, and Texas.

Posted by Kara Becker on August 28, 2014

Appalachian English;
Texas English;
Ohio English

Listen: How to Speak with a certain Southern Twang

Walt Wolfram discusses the Appalachian variety in North Carolina in an audio clip for North Carolina public radio, including features like [Published on 06-09-2014]

The Grammar Rules Behind 3 Commonly Disparaged Dialects

A 2013 piece highlighting three features of three stigmatized U.S. dialects - a-prefixing in Appalachian English, "liketa" in Southern English, and remote past BIN in African American English

Stereotypes of an Appalachian Dialect

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A speaker of an Appalachian dialect discusses stereotypes of his dialect.

Story of English: Appalachian English

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Segment from the 1986 documentary "The Story of English" on Appalachian English.

Them Hillibillies

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From the Indiana State Museum; full title "Since them hillbillies moved down to the holler."

Mountain Talk

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An excerpt from the film "Mountain Talk," on Applachian English in North Carolina, from the the North Carolina Language and Life Project