Sexual Health, Advocacy & Relationship Education

Sexual Health, Advocacy & Relationship Education (SHARE) Advocates

SHARE advocates are students committed to ensuring that survivors of sexual and relationship violence have the information and support they need. You can contact any one of us directly or email us at During the summer, response times may be longer than 24 hours.

What we do

Sexual Health, Advocacy & Relationship Education (SHARE) advocates are highly trained Reed students who provide a wide range of confidential services for survivors of sexual harassment, sexual assault, relationship abuse, and stalking. Advocates offer:

  • Emotional support for all survivors, regardless of when the incident happened
  • Information about options and campus processes
  • Referral to medical care, counseling, and other resources
  • Reporting assistance (college and/or police)
  • Support for allies of survivors

SHARE advocates are certified confidential with privilege in the state of Oregon, which means that they cannot share almost anything a survivor tells them without their permission (exceptions are intent to harm another person or abuse of a child). Advocates do not advise, but work with survivors to empower them make informed choices from the range of options available to them. We can help survivors exercise their rights, accompany survivors when a formal report is filed, and support them through the investigation or judicial process. 

2021-22 Advocates
Abby.png Aditya.png

Abby Kim

Hi :) I’m a senior neuroscience major from Korea. This is my third year as an advocate. I like to read and learn about anything new. I’m not a good storyteller, but I can listen. Feel free to reach out whenever about anything.

Aditya Gadkari

Hello! I am a senior economics major from India. This is my third year as a SHARE advocate. I am passionate about social and environmental justice and am an outdoor enthusiast. I am always happy to have a chat (expecially over a cup of coffee) so do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Anika B

Annika H

Anika Banister

Hi! I’m a senior art major and first year advocate. I love accessible science, 90s TV, and listening to people talk about their passions. I'm always happy to talk, just say hello or reach out via email.

Annika Haraikawa

Hello! I'm a senior chemistry major from Japan and this is my first year as an advocate. If I'm not in class you'll probably find me at canyon cafe or getting the pecan pull-apart from grand central. Please feel free to reach out to me by email anytime.




Madison Held

Hello! I'm a junior biochemistry and molecular biology major, and this is my first year as an advocate. I love to cook, roller skate, and veg out in front of a TV during my free time. Please feel free to reach out whenever if you'd like to chat :)


Peri joy


Peri Joy Long

Hi! I am a sophomore religion major and English minor from Annapolis, Maryland. I am passionate about legal and advocacy work and enjoy white water kayaking, hiking, running, and any outdoors activity in my free time. Please feel free to reach out over email!

Sophia Raccuia

Hey! I'm a senior art history major. This is my third year as an advocate. I love chilling with my cat, finding new artists to listen to, and cooking. Feel free to get in touch with me or with any other of the other amazing SHARE advocates :)

Interested in working as an advocate? Email us at to learn more about what it’s like, or email Rowan at