Sexual Health, Advocacy & Relationship Education


SHARE Navigators can help you find info & resources for COVID prevention & guidelines, sexual health care & supplies, & help for interpersonal violence.

 To meet the needs of our community for COVID prevention supplies and safer sex supplies, from 11/4-11/20 the Navigators are tabling on the Commons patio on Fridays at lunch (11:30a-1:30p), and at dinner time (5:30-7:30p) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. 

Meet the Navigators!

navigator owl logo

Navigators have these supplies on hand: 
  • latex condoms
  • non-latex condoms
  • silicone lube
  • water-based lube 
  • disposable masks
  • personal-size hand sanitizer, and jugs for refilling bottles 
  • info on COVID & college guidelines
  • printed info on sexual health & advocacy

 All supplies are free to current Reed community members. If you want a product we don't carry, ask us; we'll try to get it for you! 

Condoms and lube are also available at the Community Pantry and at the HCC. Please check the web pages for days and times. 

Mailbox Delivery of Safer Sex Supplies

Order condoms and lube online, and we'll deliver discreetly (in a manila envelope to your on-campus mailbox! Delivery times will be limited by the mail room hours and the availability of your requests, so please plan ahead. We will try to fill every order, but reserve the right to limit quantities if necessary. We will try to get special orders on request. 


Nota bene: The Night Owls, our beloved harm reduction-bystander interventionists, will return when we have parties in the Student Union again. Hoot hoot!