Sexual Health, Advocacy & Relationship Education

Sexual Health, Advocacy & Relationship Education (SHARE) Advocates

You can contact any one of us directly or email us at We respond within 24 hours. 

What we do

Sexual Health, Advocacy & Relationship Education (SHARE) advocates are highly trained Reed students who provide a wide range of confidential services for survivors of sexual harassment, sexual assault, relationship abuse, and stalking. Advocates offer:

  • Emotional support for all survivors, regardless of when the incident happened
  • Information about options and campus processes
  • Referral to medical care, counseling, and other resources
  • Reporting assistance (college and/or police)
  • Coordinating transport for sexual assault forensic exams
  • Support for friends of survivors

SHARE advocates are certified confidential with privilege in the state of Oregon, which means that they cannot share almost anything a survivor tells them without their permission (exceptions are intent to harm another person or abuse of a child). Advocates do not advise, but work with survivors to empower them make informed choices from the range of options available to them. We can help survivors exercise their rights, accompany survivors when a formal report is filed, and support them through the Title IX Board process. SHARE Advocates receive more than 40 hours of training, and are supervised by the Program Director for Sexual Health, Advocacy & Relationship Education (SHARE).

Who We Are

We are students who are committed to ensuring that survivors of sexual and relationship violence get the support and services they want.

This table contains contact info and bios for the 2018-19 SAPR advocates
Sol Taylor-Brill Siena Nesbitt-Fox

Sol Taylor-Brill
Advocate Co-coordinator

I’m a queer junior biology major from Charlotte, NC. I am passionate about human rights, poetry, science, and perfecting my lemon pound cake recipe. Please reach out to me if you ever want to talk! 

 Siena Nesbitt-Fox

Hello! I am a queer senior English major. I have been an advocate with SAPR since the beginning of my sophomore year, including serving as the Advocate Program Coordinator. I have experience with the legal aspects of SA/DV from working at the National Crime Victim Law Institute and interning at a domestic violence law firm in New York City. As an advocate and a Restorative Justice Facilitator, I am passionate about and dedicated to uplift, empower, and serve oppressed populations in my anti-violence work. After graduating, I hope to continue to support survivors and destroy rape culture. In my free time, I like to cross-stitch, watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, listen to ABBA, and spend time with my chosen family, partner and cat. If you want to talk, find out how to get involved with SAPR, or learn more about Survivor Support Group, text or email me!

Chae Park Dana Anderson

Chae Park 

I'm a junior Political Science major from California. I love the outdoors, my dog, and cooking with friends. Feel free to reach out any time!

Dana Anderson

 I'm a sophomore Art History major from Los Angeles. I like film, art, calligraphy, and magical realism. I help run the art journalling group and I'm working on a SAPR library. Ask me about the time I translated for sharks.


Frankie Williams

I'm a junior Neuroscience major from Houston, and my hobbies include soccer, cooking, and wearing tacky shirts.



Giancarlo Scotti Hillary Gerber

Giancarlo Scotti 

I'm a sophomore from Los Angeles, California. Apart from SAPR Advocacy, I am a committee
member of the Students of Color Union. I enjoy Science, Performing Arts, Cooking, and being Latino.
Feel free to talk to me whenever.

 Hillary Gerber 

Io Blanchett Jessica Riano

 Io Blanchett

I'm a junior comp lit/film major from Minneapolis, and this is my first year as a SAPR Advocate, although you may have seen me in the SU as a Steward last year. Outside of school and SAPR I'm an expert on Spotify playlists, learning as many languages as possible, being a lesbian at Reed, My Chemical Romance, and putting ice cubes in milk, so please talk to me about any and all of that.

Jessica Riaño

I’m a junior sociology major from Maryland. This is my first year as a SAPR advocate, though I do similar work at the Gateway Center, about 20 minutes northeast. After Reed, I’m hoping to get a master’s degree in social work. In my free time, I like to do arts and crafts, hang out at tea shops, and explore Portland. Reach out to me to talk any time!

Jilly De La Torre Lauren Chacon

 Jilly de la Torre

I’m a junior from Richmond, California. In my free time, you can find me listening to music, going to the gym, and petting cute dogs. I have experience working in homeless and domestic violence shelters in Portland. I’m also a mentor with the PMP program, a leader with OFCS (the campus Christian club), and I’m involved with Latinx Student Union.

Lauren Chacon 

I'm a junior psychology major from Southern California. I am passionate about my role as an advocate and additionally love to make art and poetry, go on hikes and sew. Reed can be a difficult place to navigate, feel free to reach out to me for any reason!

Leila Sinclair Lindsay Zigmant

Leila Sinclair

I’m a first-year comp lit major from Toronto, Canada. I’m also a Restorative Justice Coalition member, Community Pantry volunteer, musician, and a fan of trees, empathy, and muffins. I have advocacy experience from working at a crisis hotline last year, and I’m always happy to talk, listen, and problem-solve together. Feel free to say hi if you see me and reach out if you ever want to chat.

Lindsay Zigmant

I'm a senior economics major from Sacramento, CA. Around campus I am a SAPR advocate and a Mock Trial Captain. Off campus I'm a cat person and a steadfast believer in the Loch Ness Monster. Feel free to reach out!

Linnea Kelly Mai Toyohara

Linnea Kelly

I’m a senior neuroscience major from the snowiest city in North America (hint: it’s in Alaska). My loves include my puppy, Gravity Falls, tea, poetry, making Spotify playlists for all of my moods, and supporting other Reedies. Reach out to me anytime!


Mai Toyohara

Hi, I'm Mai (rhymes with pie)! I am a senior economics major from Portland and in my free time I enjoy volunteering around town, going on hikes, and trying new boba places. If you want to talk, I would be more than happy to.

Mattie O'Kelley-Bangsburg Nell Scherfling

Mattie O'Kelley-Bangsburg
Advocate Co-coordinator

 I'm Mattie, a current senior who has been working as a SAPR advocate for three years, with one year's experience coordinating the program and two year's facilitating survivor support group. I am thesising in Cell Biology, and committed to advocating for harm reduction and destigmatization of drug use, racial equity and prison industrial complex abolition, and campus-wide support for survivors. Feel free to reach out about how to get involved in any of these efforts. Additionally, if you are a fellow survivor searching for community or informational support, please don't hesitate to connect with me.

Nell Scherfling
Steward Captain

I am a junior psychology major hailing from Massachusetts. This is my second year as an advocate, and I am so thankful to be able to support my peers and to be a resource for the campus. I am currently the Steward Captain, so reach out if you would like to talk about bystander intervention! In my spare time I enjoy baking, working with children, and being outside. Feel free to get in touch.

Noah Sjoblum


Rose Cole-Cohen

Noah Sjoblom

I'm a newly turned neuroscience major from Nashville, Tennessee. This is my first year as an Advocate, and outside of SAPR I love spending my time working with Reed's Science Outreach Program, riding my blue bike, and drawing pictures to put on the walls of my house. Reach out anytime!


Rose Cole-Cohen

I'm a sophomore anthro major from Northampton, Massachusetts. This is my first year as an advocate. I also work as an HA, dance, love to knit, and am very passionate about food justice. Feel free to reach out to me!



Interested in working with the SHARE program or getting trained to work on our crisis line? Email us at to learn more about what it’s like to be an advocate, or email Rowan at to learn more about our training program. Most training sessions are open to anyone, and you don't have to want to be an advocate to attend.

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