Sexual Assault Prevention and Response at Reed

Filing a complaint

Making a report is different than filing a complaint with a disciplinary body. A report will result in an investigation. The outcome will be a finding of facts. When a complaint is filed, the complainant is requesting that the disciplinary body evaluate whether the respondent is responsible for violating the Discriminatory Harassment and Sexual Misconduct (DHSM) policy, and if so, that sanctions be assigned.

Student Disciplinary Body

If the accused is a current or former student, complaints are brought to the Title IX Board (TNB) alleging violation of the DHSM (in some cases the college may act as complainant). Although attorneys are not allowed to speak in TNB hearings, the respondent may wish to seek legal counsel before submitting written or verbal testimony. Based on all testimony and supporting documents (which includes documentation from any related Title IX investigation), the TNB decides on the facts of the case, determines if a violation of the DHSM occurred, and if so, recommends sanctions. Please see the Judicial Board Process page for more information. 

Possible sanctions for a violation of the DHSM are determined based on the individual facts and findings of each case, and may include:

  • Expulsion

  • Suspension

  • Community service

  • Full exclusion from campus and all college-affiliated events

  • Limited exclusion from campus

  • Meetings with the Dean of Students (or designees)

  • Health and Counseling Center meetings

  • AOD-use assessments or other therapeutic interventions

  • Consultation with other members of the community

  • Educational programs

  • Coursework at an external institution

  • Apologies

  • Behavioral expectations contract

  • Reflection essays
  • Financial restitution

  • Disciplinary probation

  • Information released outside the college

  • Loss of alumni privileges

  • Restriction and/or hold on transcripts, registration, and 
    receipt of diploma until sanctions have been completed

  • No-contact orders

  • Room inspection/search

  • Removal from Reed-owned housing

  • Restrictions related to living in or accessing Reed owned housing

  • Restrictions or removal related to on campus student employment, appointed/volunteer positions, or participation in college organizations or events

Staff Disciplinary Body

Complaints against staff are received by the Director of Human Resources and handled according to the Human Resources Formal Complaint Procedures for Staff.

Faculty Disciplinary Body

Complaints against faculty are received by the Dean of Faculty and handled according to the Rules of Procedure of the Faculty.

Safety Alert

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