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Alternative Spring Break (ASB)

SEEDS often sponsors a longer trip during spring, to let students get more in-depth experiences in their leisure time.

Alternative Spring Break 2018-19

Stay tuned for information for the 2018-19 academic year!

Past Trips

2016: For this alternative spring break trip, students worked with Habitat for Humanity in Tacoma, Washington, joining the international Collegiate Challenge program.

2013: During this alternative spring break, volunteers worked with Food Roots NW, an organization that works as a catalyst and advocate for change in our food system. They volunteered with farms and participated in education programs about sustainable food systems.

2012: This spring break, Reedies again returned to New Orleans to work for a week on a Habitat house and volunteer with Green Light New Orleans, an organization dedicated to replacing inefficient incandescent light bulbs around the city with far more efficient newer models.

2011: In March of 2011, a group of Reedies worked for four days on a new Habitat house, helping to build a foundation, floor, and exterior walls.  Read an account of the trip here and see pictures here.

2006: In October of 2006, SEEDS coordinated a service trip with a group 12 Reedies who gutted houses, cooked, cleaned, delivered food and generally worked extremely hard for one week on Katrina recovery in the New Orleans Gulf Region with the Common Ground Collective. To learn more, you can see photos from the SEEDS NOLA service trip or download journal entry reflections written on the trip home by participants. 

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