Community Engagement (CE) Internship Program

Students can volunteer or intern off-campus with non-profit community partners for Federal Work Study wages or Community Engagement (CE) Credit.

 We seek to connect students to volunteer opportunities with community partners that align with their interests and passions! SEEDS has partnered with more than 50 available local community organizations that mobilize toward social change or justice within the community. Students can apply to volunteer or intern with an organization through our two prongs: the Federal Work Study (FWS) prong, or the Community Engagement (CE) Credit prong.

Students that wish to participate in the CE Internship Program through FWS must have FWS listed as part of their financial aid package to be eligible. The FWS pay rate for the 2022-2023 academic year is $15.75/hour.

Students that wish to earn CE Credit through the CE Internship Program may earn up to two quarters of PE credit (fulfilling the self-directed or off-campus PE option). 

Interested in applying? Open jobs are listed on Handshake. Students can find positions by searching for jobs that are tagged as [FWS/CE Credit] or by searching for the SEEDS Internship Program employer.

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