Community Engagement (CE) Credit

Students can earn CE credits by volunteering for two hours or more per week under the Community Engagement (CE) Internship Program. Students can work with SEEDS partner organizations that represent a variety of issue areas and types of engagement. Each opportunity entails different responsibilities, minimum hourly commitments, and minimum period of engagement.

Two units of Community Engagement (CE) credit can be earned to fulfill part of the Physical Education and Community Engagement (PEACE) graduation requirement at Reed. Participating in community engagement promotes a healthy balance between academic and personal life and fosters meaningful relationships between Reed and the Portland community.

In order to receive CE credit, students must follow attendence guidelines. If a shift is scheduled once per week, students can only miss one shift to remain eligible to receive CE credit. If a shift is scheduled to meet twice per week, students can only miss two shifts during the quarter in order to remain eligible to receive CE credit. Students track hours by filling out their hours-tracking spreadsheet by 3 p.m. on Mondays.

SEEDS is excited to partner with a variety of local public agencies and nonprofit organizations to offer volunteer opportunities that satisfy the criteria for CE credit. All eligible and open positions are posted on Handshake. All hiring for the 22-23 academic year has closed. Stay tuned for new positions opening for hire come fall 2023!

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CE Credit Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find opportunities for the CE Credit?

Search for jobs with [FWS/CE Credit] in their titles on Handshake or make an appointment with the SEEDS CE Internship Program Coordinator, Nina Gopaldas, by emailing All hiring for the 22-23 academic year has closed. Stay tuned for new positions opening for hire come fall 2023!

How do I apply for CE Credit?

Once you have identified opportunities you’re interested in, follow the application instructions on Handshake. Note: You may not register for CE Credit until you are officially selected by an organization. 

How long does it take to apply and get hired for a CE credit position?

It depends. The process can take anywhere from two weeks to two months, so we recommend applying early and applying for multiple opportunities. We also recommend emailing the contacts for the opportunities you’re interested in as soon as possible to confirm that they are still accepting applications. The Center for Life Beyond Reed can help you with applications, resumes, and/or cover letters!

How many quarters of CE can I do?

You can fulfill two units of your six required PEACE credits through CE. Some host sites allow participation for only one quarter, while others require two quarters of participation. You may continue to participate in community engagement with your organization for more than two quarters, but it will not count towards your six required PEACE credits.

Can I get paid for my CE hours if I’m FWS-eligible?

Federal Work-Study students may not get paid for their CE hours. However, FWS-eligible students may earn wages for a different FWS position at the same or a different organization from which they receive CE credit.

Can SEEDS @ Schools count for my CE credit?

Yes. However, as mentioned above, you may not get paid and get credit at the same time.

Can I get credit for volunteering with the same organization twice?

Yes. However, similar to PE credits, you can only earn one credit per quarter (two per semester).

Can I get a PE credit and a CE credit in the same quarter?

No, your six PEACE credits must be earned in different quarters.

Can I continue volunteering even after I finish my CE credit?

Yes. Please check with your host site.

Is there a maximum number of hours I can volunteer for a CE credit?

No. Please check with your host site.