Public Policy

North Star Civic Foundation

North Star Civic Foundation supports and invests in bold inquiry and partnerships that break through a decades-long stalemate around the biggest threats to our way of life and legacy. We bring a spirit of discovery, disruption and collaboration to accelerate broad-scale change in the areas of open democracy and wealth inequality
Current positions:
Research Internship: The North Star Civic Foundation's Research Internship is an opportunity for students to extend their research, analysis and writing skills to support the development of innovative public policy and civic engagement strategies in the fields of wealth inequality, racial inequality, poverty, housing, and civic participation. Interns will conduct independent and collaborative research and analysis to support our work in evaluating public policy impacts on low-income communities.
Communications Internship: The North Star Civic Foundation's Communications Internship is an opportunity for students to learn about non-profit communications and to develop new skills in sharing information and ideas in a compelling, clear way through earned media, social media and direct communications with community. The fellowship also offers opportunities for interns to learn about and connect with local partner organizations.