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In order to promote connections between Reed College and the Portland community, Reed College subsidizes an off-campus federal work-study (FWS) program. This program allows motivated students to volunteer/intern with Portland nonprofits, public schools and public agencies as one way to earn their federal work-study awards.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for a FWS internship?

Students with an FWS allocation (not "Reed Work Study") listed in their Financial Aid package who complete additional off-campus FWS paperwork are eligible. Are you an FWS-eligible student who is interested in finding more about approved off-campus FWS sites? Check out the opportunities and required steps.

Who hosts FWS internships?

Various types of community partners could qualify as FWS host sites. Private non-profit organizations and federal, state, or local public agencies whose work is in public interest are potentially eligible. FWS interns may not participate in political activity or further religious agendas. Are you a community organization that's interested in becoming an approved off-campus FWS site? Learn more about our contract process!

Can I apply for an internship with an Off-campus Federal Work-Study partner if I’m not FWS-eligible?

Yes, as an unpaid position. Most of our community partners offer these internship and volunteer positions as unpaid for students who are not FWS-eligible. We recommend you contact the organization before applying, to confirm they offer unpaid positions.

I’m an international student. Can I participate in the program?

Not with a paid position. Unfortunately, international students are not eligible for federal work-study awards. However, you are welcome to apply for these positions as unpaid.

I know I want to participate in this program but I’m not sure which position to apply for. How should I find out?

We have lots of resources for you! You can always reach out to the SEEDS Program Manager, Tara Sonali Miller, or Off-campus Federal Work-Study Coordinator, Daysha Montgomery, directly. We can help you figure out which our over 80 positions is the best fit for you. You can also visit us during O-Week and stay tuned for more information about upcoming info sessions.

What is the pay rate for off-campus federal work-study?


What’s the best way to find out more about this program?

  • Reach out directly to us at OR
  • Attend an info session:
    • Every Thursday from Sept. 13 to Oct. 11 at 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM in the Student Center Conference Room
    • Sept. 12 - 6-6:30 PM: Cross Canyons - Bragdon 1 Common Room
    • Sept. 12 - 7-7:30 PM: Naito/Sullivan - Naito 1 Common Room
    • Sept. 19 - 6-6:30 PM: Grove - Sitka 1 Common Room
    • Sept. 19 - 7-7:30 PM: (upperclass) Apartments/Houses - RCA Courtyard
    • Sept. 26 - 6-6:30 PM: (upperclass) Language Houses - Spanish House Common Room

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Tara Sonali Miller
SEEDS Program Manager
Student Center 112

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