Software Design Studio

Pilot Project (2015-2017)


SDS students learned to design and develop real-world software with the guidance the SDS Coordinator and a group of technology experts –– mentors -- many of whom were Reed alumni.

During the spring semester, students learned fundamental software design skills and became acquainted with contemporary tools for developing sophisticated software.  In the summer –– from the end of classes to the middle of August –– students worked in teams on projects that were intended to benefit the Reed community.  Projects ideas were submitted by faculty, staff, students, alumni, and others.  During the fall semester, projects were polished, documented and, if appropriate, deployed for use at the college.

Time Commitment

The program was fast moving and intense. During the spring semester, weekly meetings were held each Tuesday from 4:30 to 6:30pm and attendance was required. The program included self-directed study as well as close work as part of a team. All SDS students had access to the technologist in residence, mentorship from diverse sources, and SDS resources.

Eligibility & Selection

Reed College sophomores or juniors were eligible to apply to the program. Some prior exposure to computer programming, whether through courses, independent projects, or work experience, was expected. SDS offered tutorials and workshops to help students expand and improve their knowledge of software design.

Some SDS students selected were invited to rejoin the program the following academic year as student mentors to assist incoming SDS students with their summer projects and the overall development of software design skills.  

2017 Cohort

  • Miriam Bern
  • Emily Breeden
  • Corbin Buff
  • Flora Carey
  • Patrick Graham
  • Abenezer Mamo
  • Hannah Mead
  • Hien Nguyen
  • Margie Oxley
  • Marika Swanberg

2016 Cohort

  • Akrish Adhikari
  • Revant Bagaria
  • Benjamin Black
  • Chase Doremus
  • Alex Grant
  • Pachin Guevara
  • Erin Howell
  • Laura Israel
  • Ava Kamb
  • Rachel Kennelly
  • Jiahui Wei
  • Helen Zhang
  • Ziyuan Zhong

2015 Cohort

  • Hank Gerba
  • Alex Grant
  • Isabella Jorissen
  • Joewie Koh
  • Jeanie Lee
  • Mitchell Linegar
  • Flozzie Randari
  • Haley Tilt
  • Justine Wang