Software Design Studio

Pilot Project (2015-2017)


Reedies have a long history of technology innovation, from the founding of start-up companies like Puppet Labs and Urban Airship to the creation of industry giants such as Apple.  The Software Design Studio (SDS) was a three year pilot project (2015-2017) to enable students to explore innovative uses of technology with the help of mentors well-versed in the latest methods of software design and development.

Each year during the pilot, ten to fifteen students from across the curriculum were selected for the SDS program to develop projects of benefit to the Reed community and acquire software design skills.

The pilot project evoked considerable interest.  Over the course of the program, more than 200 students applied to be participants.  Interest among Reed alumni was also high, with many individuals volunteering to serve as technical mentors as well as underwrite the cost of the program. 

If you have any questions about the pilot program please contact us by sending email to: