First Year Russian


Weekly  syllabi with homework assignments is available on line:

Class: Mon - Fri.
Section 1: 11:00 AM - 11:50 in ELIOT, 414
Section 2: 12:00 PM - 12:50 in ELIOT, 126
Drill (conversational lesson): one mandatory 50 min meeting per week, time and place t.b.a.
Lab: one mandatory 60 min session per week (estimated cumulative time), at student's convenience, in the Language Lab (Library Basement), or on student's computer.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Russian Anna Yatsenko
125 Vollum College Center/Vollum; (503)517-7494, Ext 7494
Office hours: T–Th 2:00—3:00 pm or by appointment.

Language Scholar:
Oksana Levadnaya
The Russian House, Woodstock 1; (503)777-7565, Ext. 7565

* * *


Attendance in class, in drill section, and work on the audio materials (either at our place or in the Language Lab (Reed Library Lab – IMC) is mandatory. In case of unavoidable absences you must try to notify the instructor ahead of time.

All homework is to be turned in on the assigned day, written out in neat handwriting. You can write either with a pencil, or with a pen (though pen is preferable). Do not forget to punch the sheets of paper with your homework. Keep all your returned, corrected homework in a three-ring binder, in chronological order so that you will be able to access it easily for review.

For an essay in Russian:

The instruction “Memorize words, dialogue” is to be taken literally. The dialogues should roll off your tongue. You will rely on them when you are in Russia, so give yourself a break now. All vocabularies at the end of each chapter and in the workbook is to be MEMORIZED religiously. You should expect pop quizzes on vocabulary.

Weekly we will have quizzes in class (lexicon, grammar issues, dictations). There will be unit hour exams, one mid-term, and one final. The final will include a 15-minute oral component.

Each student will memorize one lyrical poem in Russian for recitation at the “Russian Evening of Poetry” Banquet in late November, and in late April.

Your grade will be based on daily recitations, quizzes, exams, poem recitation, homework, and attendance in class and drill section.


The Russian House holds weekly teas and dinners where speaking in Russian is strongly encouraged. In addition, there are weekly screenings of Russian films, Russian scrabble nights, group excursions to the International Film Festival, Russian concerts, lectures, and restaurants. Make the Russian House your habit.

The Russian Language Scholar is available for consultation, problem solving, and remedial work. Contact with the Russian Language Scholar in the Russian House (Woodstock, 1).

Russian language tutors are available free of charge through the Office of Student Services. If you think you need help, don't wait. Get a tutor immediately!

10 Hints for Success:

  1. Come to class religiously.
  2. Always do ALL homework.
  3. Work with a class “buddy”.
  4. Spend one hour on homework, but make every minute of that hour count.
  5. Label all objects in your life with their names in Russian.
  6. Study vocabulary before going to bed at night, review it first thing in the morning.
  7. Laugh a lot.
  8. Don't chew gum or pierce your tongue: you'll damage your tongue trying to pronounce Russian sounds.
  9. Concentrate in class.
  10. Review and evaluate the corrections on your homework.


…, because: as the Latin proverb says: “With each new language, you live a new life”.


Required Texts:
Author                                        Title                                                       ISBN

1. Sopthi Lubensky                    НАЧАЛО (Nachalo)                              0-07-365515-5
Larry McLellan                          book one and book two
Gerard L. Ervin                          Second edition
Donald K. Jarvis

Sopthi Lubensky                        Workbook and Laboratory Manual        0-07-230951-2
Larry McLellan                          to accompany book one and book two
Gerard L. Ervin                          Second edition
Donald K. Jarvis

НАЧАЛО: The audio exercises are available on the syllabus page for each week. The audio exercises are in an .mp3 format. You will need to have an application such as RealOne from RealPlayer on your computer to be able to hear the exercises.

2. Anna Yatsenko                     The Russian Sound System:                     0-9709420-1-X
                                                  Pronunciation Guide
                                                 Practice Book for Beginners of Russian

On line version of this book:



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