Risk Management

Division of the Vice President & Treasurer

Contract Basics & Responsibilities

Learn whether you need a contract and how to take the steps necessary to complete it. If you are in any doubt, please contact us at risk@reed.edu.

You will need a contract if you are

If you are hiring a contractor for services (hiring a third party to perform services on campus or using consultants) this individual must meet the difinition of an independent contractor and be approved by Human Resources. Human Resources will need to see proof that the individual meets the definition by completing the determination checklist.

While we prefer to use Reed contracts, some vendors will require us to use their form of contract. This requires special attention and review by risk management as these are normally written with terms that benefit the vendor. Any modifications to Reed standard contracts or the use of vendor contracts requires the review and approval of risk management. Risk management will work with you to negotiate a vendor contract that contains acceptable terms for the college.

How to Contract

Contact the appropriate office(s)

Before starting, speak to the relevant Reed office or department or contact risk management for help. Before agreeing to terms with an outside party, consult with appropriate offices below to ensure you understand the contract requirements.

Review the terms of the policy

You should review the contract checklist to see what terms and details should be in a contract and the independent contractor policy. If you are interested in signing a contract to adopt new technology for the college, first review the information technology policy.

Use a Reed contract

Whenever possible a Reed contract template should be used; these can be found under “Contract Templates."

Understand your responsibilities when sponsoring an event

All contracts must have prior approval from your VP/Dean before risk management authorization. Retain contract documents in accordance with Reed College record retention policy. Note: this is the responsibility of the contracting department. Risk management does not retain contracts originated from other departments.

Have the contract signed

Have the other party (not Reed College) sign first and then send the contract to an authorized Reed College signatory for final signature. Make sure to include a separate note that has your contact details: name, address, and telephone number. This will help ensure questions are answered in a timely manner and that a signed contract is returned to you promptly. If you are named in the contract or agreement, ensure that it is just as a contact and does not imply authorization to sign.