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Returning Student Room Registration 2019-20  

Room Registration Overview

Returning students select housing for the following academic year through the room registration process. Each student who completes sign-up for the Room Registration process will receive a room selection time slot once the room registration sign-up period has closed. Students then log in to the Housing Portal to select a room during their time slot.

The Housing Portal can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, even off campus. Students who will not have access to the internet during their time slot should contact the Office of Residence Life for assistance.

More information about resources, including info session times and handy infographics, can be found here.

How It Works

  • Students complete sign-up for Room Registration by the deadline (review timeline below)
  • Each student is assigned a room selection time slot
  • Students log in to the Housing Portal to select a room during their time slot

Students who do not select a room during their time slot will continue to be able to log in to the Housing Portal and participate in room selection for the remainder of the process, but should be aware that room options will become more limited as more students log in to select rooms.

Read our Room Registration FAQ
February 22: Room Registration opens for all returning students. Living option and language housing applications are available through the Housing Portal
March 3: Deadline to apply for living options and language housing
March 24: Deadline to submit applications through the Housing Portal
March 29: Room selection time slots available
April 2-5: Room selection process for sophomores
April 9-12: Room selection process for juniors and seniors
May 1: Last day to cancel housing contracts

Accessing the Housing Portal

Signing up for Room Registration 

  • Sign in to the Housing Portal
  • Select the "application" link from the upper lefthand menu
  • Select the 2019-20 academic year
  • Complete and submit an application; students will receive a confirmation email when the process is complete

Note that the living option and language house application process, as well as the priority housing application process and requesting a disability-related housing accommodation have earlier deadlines.

Viewing Room Selection time slots 

  • Sign in to the Housing Portal
  • Select the "application" link from the upper lefthand menu
  • Select the housing application for the 2019–20 academic year
  • Students will be redirected to the "Room Manager" page, where their assigned date and time slot to select a room will be displayed

Viewing your profiles

  • Profiles are what allow students to see rooms for which they are eligible 
  • Students who have been accepted to a language house or living option will see a profile for the communities for which they have been accepted on the “Room Manager” page
  • Students who will be sophomores or seniors next academic year will see either a sophomore or senior profile on the “Room Manager” page
  • If you believe you should have a profile assigned to you but you do not see it, please email Residence Life ASAP

Selecting a room during your time slot

  • Click the "select a room" option on the "Room Manager" page in the Housing Portal
  • On the following page, click on a building and select from the available rooms. Each building's page displays floor plans in addition to the list of available rooms. Floor plans can also be viewed on our website.
  • Once a room is selected, students will be asked to sign a housing contract and select a board plan. Students are encouraged to review the housing contract and dining information before the room selection process begins. New versions will be available by late March. 
  • After a board plan is selected and housing contract signed, students will be emailed a copy of their contract confirming their room assignment

Residence life staff members will be in the office at the start of each time slot, so students should contact us as soon as possible if they experience any technical difficulties or have questions.

Roommate Information

  • Students who wish to live with a roommate must select and mutually confirm each other as roommates during the room registration sign-up period. Roommates may not be requested after the sign-up deadline.
  • Students who have selected a roommate should note that whoever has the earlier time slot will need to assign their roommate to the other half of their chosen room. Then the second roommate must log in to sign their housing contract and select a board plan. This step must be completed for the second roommate to confirm their assignment.
  • Students who are unable to secure a double room with their preferred roommate and wish to select a single room will need to cancel their roommate relationship. In order to do that, students must select the 'Roommate Requests' page in their application. Under the 'Accepted Roommates' section they will need to click 'delete' to sever the roommate pairing, then return to the 'Room Manager' page to continue selecting a single room.
  • Students looking at a single space in a double room/apartment may see who the other occupant is (if any) by clicking on the magnifying glass to the right of the space when in the “rooms” section
  • Important note for rising sophomores and seniors: Students who are trying to select a double that is reserved for a particular class year will only be able to live there with another student in the same class year. 

Waitlist Information

If all available rooms have been selected, the waitlist will open and Residence Life will notify students via email. This email will instruct students to log back into the Housing Portal and sign up for the waitlist. Students will not be able to access the waitlist until they are notified that sign up is open. 

The waitlist is organized by room selection time slot, not based on when students submit their waitlist application. However, students must sign up for the waitlist to be added to it. Time slots alone do not guarantee students a spot on the waitlist. Students may NOT be on the waitlist if they have already selected a room. Students who have a room but would like to be on the waitlist in hopes of getting placed elsewhere must first cancel their housing contract. Students may cancel their housing contract by logging into the Housing Portal and selecting the "cancel application" option.

Residence Life will begin offering rooms to people as they become available, taking time slots and preferences into account. If a student is offered a room that is within their first three preferences and they do not accept it or do not respond within the specified timeline, their name will be removed from the waitlist.

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