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How do students secure rooms on campus? 

Room placements for returning students are primarily determined through the assignment of random room selection time slots. Students may also apply for living options and language houses, priority housing, or secure an accommodation through Disability Support Services. On-campus housing for rising junior and senior students is not guaranteed.

To live in on-campus housing, students must sign a contract for the upcoming academic year. It is important that students read and understand this legal, binding document.

Each student will sign the contract electronically when they select a room, but we recommend they review the housing contract before room registration. The housing contract will be available online by late March.

Once students select a room and sign a housing contract, can they break the contract?

If students cancel their application in the Housing Portal by May 1, they will be free from any contractual obligation. If they have not cancelled by May 1, they will be obligated to fulfill their contract for the following full academic year. (More information is available in the contract). If students wish to break their housing contract after May 1, they must file a petition that is subject to approval. More information about petitioning to terminate a room and/or board contract may be found on the Residence Life website.

Do students have to pay a housing deposit?

We do not require students to pay a housing deposit to participate in room registration or to secure on-campus housing. If students are charged for room damages, the Business Office will add the charges to their student account.

How do I become eligible for on-campus housing?

  1. Sign up for room registration through the Housing Portal 
  2. View room selection time slot in the Housing Portal
  3. Log into the Housing Portal to select a room during the assigned time slot

How do time slots work?

Time slots are randomly generated for most students. Exceptions to this include:

  • Students who were assigned the final 25 percent of time slots last year will not be assigned the final 25 percent this year
  • Students who have received a priority room selection time slot as an accommodation through Disability Support Services
  • Students who have been guaranteed on-campus housing through the Priority Housing Process

Each student who has submitted a room registration application will be assigned a room selection time slot during which they may log in to the Housing Portal to select a room. If students do not select a room during their time slot, they will continue to be able to log in to the Housing Portal and select a room for the remainder of the process, but should be aware that room options will become more limited as more students log into select rooms.

Students are assigned time slots by a random number generator. Time slots may not be traded, given away, or sold. Time slots will be assigned and posted in the Housing Portal. As time slots are assigned randomly for most students, signing up earlier or later during the sign-up period has no bearing on what time slot students receive. However, students who do not submit a room registration application by the deadline must sign up for the waitlist if they wish to live on campus the following academic year. Living Option and Language House applications have an earlier deadline, as do priority housing applications and the process for requesting a disability-related housing accommodation.

What happens during Room Selection?

Students log into the Housing Portal during their designated time slot and select a room. Students also select a board plan and sign their housing contract at this time. If students miss their designated time slot they will still be able to sign in and select a room after that time, but room selections will diminish as room selection progresses.

How does Room Registration work for seniors?

There is not a separate room selection process for seniors. Seniors will receive a random time slot and participate during room selection. The Reed College Apartments are designated as senior-only spaces and will be visible to only senior students during room selection. This means that when seniors log in to select a room, they will see all rooms that are still available (senior apartments and any available non-senior rooms). Any non-senior students who log in during their time slot will not see spaces in the RCAs.

How does Room Registration work for sophomores?

Rising sophomore students will be guaranteed housing starting in the 2019-20 academic year. There will be sophomore-designated rooms in buildings across campus that sophomores may select from during the first week of Room Registration after receiving a randomly generated time slot. Any sophomore-designated beds that are not selected by sophomores during the first week of room selection will be made available for junior and senior students to select during the second week of room selection.

How does Room Registration work for Living Option applicants?

There is not a separate room selection process for students who have been accepted to a living option. Accepted applicants will receive a random room selection time slot and participate during room selection. They will be able to view beds in the living options to which they have been accepted until all beds in those communities have been selected. After that point, applicants will be able to select from any non-living option beds that are still available during their time slot. Students who have not been accepted to a living option will not be able to view or select beds in those communities.

How does Room Registration work for Language House applicants?

Students who have been accepted to live in a language house are guaranteed to get a room in their respective community during room selection. There is not a separate room selection process for students who have been accepted to live in a language house. Accepted language house applicants will be assigned a random room selection time slot, but will only be able to view rooms in the community to which they have been accepted when they log in to the Housing Portal. Students who have not been accepted to a language house will not be able to view or select beds in those communities.

If students are not on campus during Room Selection, can they still get a room?

As long as students have internet access and can log in during their time slot, they will have the opportunity to select a room. If they will not have access during their assigned time slot, they should contact us for assistance.

How does Room Registration work for students who want to have a roommate?

Students interested in having a roommate will be able to pair up during the application process. To form a roommate pair, select the “Roommate Request” page in the application menu of the Housing Portal. Here students can search for a roommate, send roommate requests, and accept roommate invitations. Roommate requests and invitations will be sent to students’ Reed email accounts and will need to be accepted for them to appear under the “accepted roommates” section. Students who wish to live with a roommate must select and mutually confirm each other as roommates during the room registration sign-up period. Roommates may not be requested after the sign-up deadline. 

During room selection, the student with the earlier time slot will sign in through the Housing Portal and select spaces for BOTH roommates. The second roommate then must log in to sign their contract in order to secure their space. If there are no available doubles left and students wish to select single rooms instead, they will need to sever their roommate pairing in the Housing Portal first.

What if students are unable to select a room on campus?

We can't anticipate when the residence halls may fill during room selection; it depends on how many students participate. However, if all the rooms are selected before a student’s time slot, they may add themselves to the waitlist and will be offered rooms as they become available.

How does the waitlist work?

If on-campus housing is filled before all time slots are reached, we will send an email to everyone who is signed up for room registration who does not yet have a room. This email will instruct students to log back into the Housing Portal and sign up for the waitlist. Students will not be able to access the waitlist until they are notified that sign up is open.

The waitlist will be organized by room selection time slot, not based on when students submitted their waitlist application. However, students must sign up for the waitlist to be added to it. Time slots alone will not guarantee students a spot on the waitlist. Students may NOT be on the waitlist if they have already selected a room. Students who have a room but would like to be on the waitlist in hopes of getting placed elsewhere must first cancel their housing contract. Students may cancel their housing contracts by logging into the Housing Portal and selecting the "cancel application" option.

We will begin offering rooms to people as they become available, taking time slots and preferences into account. If we offer students a room that is within their first three preferences and they do not accept it or we do not hear back from them within the specified timeline, their name will be removed from the waitlist.

What if a student is planning on being abroad for part of next year?

Students who will be on campus for Fall semester but have arranged to go abroad for Spring should go ahead and participate in room registration. These students will not need to petition to end their housing contract in order to leave for Spring semester.

Students cannot select housing for only Spring semester during room selection. Students who plan on being abroad or on leave for Fall semester should either not participate in room registration or should cancel their housing contract by the deadline of May 1. Students who are interested in housing for just Spring semester can read more information about the process here. We typically have room for all students who want to live on campus during Spring semester, but do not know what our specific availability will be until after Fall semester ends.

How do students request disability-related housing accommodations?

Students with disabilities who have specific housing needs are encouraged to work with both Disability Support Services (DSS) and Residence Life to request disability-related housing accommodations. Details about this process can be found here. As with all accommodation requests, DSS will work with each student individually to determine eligibility and identify appropriate accommodations.

How do students apply for Summer Housing?

Summer housing is secured through a brief application process that happens through the Housing Portal after room selection concludes. Students must demonstrate a need for living in Reed facilities over the summer. This could include financial hardship, immigration issues, employment in Portland, or lack of a home to return to over break. Summer housing is not meant to serve as temporary lodging between a student’s travels. Information on how to apply will be communicated to students directly after the room selection process is over.


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