Residence Life at Reed

Division of Student Life

COVID-19 Housing Updates 

This page provides information about changes to Residence Life and housing processes due to COVID-19. We will provide updates as we know more. Updated January 11

2020-2021 Housing Structure 

  • All residence halls rooms are single occupancy, so students will not be able to live with roommates (with the exception of double Birchwoods and RCAs, which will remain double occupancy)
  • The Language House program does not have dedicated residential space this year and the rooms in those houses are for returning students regardless of their involvement with a language
  • Living options are not offered this year
  • First-year and transfer students were organized into residential “pods” or cohort groups. This means students who are signed up for the same classes may be grouped together. From a public health perspective, this is a health risk-reduction measure because it fosters conducting all activities in small groups that remain together over time. The residential pods vary in size from 10 to 26 students, depending on the architecture of the residence halls.  The pods were formed according to two of your fall semester courses: an in-person course and your Humanities 110 section (the yearlong Humanities course required for all first-year students). There were some exceptions to how the pods are formed, e.g., transfer students are less likely to have common courses but may be grouped in a pod.  Students living in cohort groups do not have relaxed expectations are should be abiding to the same public health guidelines in their residential communities as all other Reed community members. 
  • Returning students were assigned rooms by Res Life staff based on their preferences, student status, and assignment time slot. Students were not able to select their own rooms.
  • Students are encouraged to support each other in complying with the college's prevention and response plan and observations of noncompliance will be addressed.

Residence Hall Commons Rooms & Kitchens

Residence hall common rooms are closed January 13 through at least February 1. The reopening of residence hall common spaces (e.g., lounges, study rooms, and kitchens) will be based on 90% compliance with surveillance testing and state or county restrictions. This means that common rooms will open after February 1 in any residence hall with a minimum of 90% compliance with surveillance testing, provided that there

Cleaning: Residence Halls and Houses

 Custodians will be cleaning and disinfecting restrooms, social rooms, and kitchens, Monday - Friday from 10am - 12pm and 2 - 4pm 

A custodian will only disable one bathroom at a time, so students are permitted to access another bathroom if necessary during the cleaning time frame. 

Students can help this process by doing the following:

  • Limit time spent in common spaces during these times and stay out of the bathrooms, kitchens, and social rooms when possible while custodians are actively cleaning them 
  • Respect barriers put across doors and signage indicating cleaning is happening and don't enter the room when those are up

ResLife will collect feedback and information after classes start so Facilities can refine the cleaning time frames to maximize natural use patterns.

Expectations for 2020-2021 Residents

All students who live on campus are required to sign the updated COVID-19 housing addendum, which outlines individual responsibilities related to protecting the health and safety of the college community.