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Recruitment Ideas

  • Attend the Theme & Language Housing Fair and have a sign-up sheet for interested students to add their emails
  • Reach out to Satellites to see if they want to live in next year
  • Plan an event with a neighboring HA to increase visibility
  • Submit a blog post to ResLife--we can also post them on Facebook and Instagram!
  • Send content to SBInfo
  • Put up posters across campus
  • Talk to your current/past Theme Coordinators and HAs for ideas

Event Planning Resources

Theme Coordinators receive training on how to plan events in the fall. RDs and HAs remain available to TCs for event programming support throughout the year. TCs should connect regularly with their RD or their HA to discuss programming ideas, use of funds, and community needs. The resources listed below are a good place to start when conceptualizing a program or event.

Theme Budgets

Theme-related events and activities are an essential part of the theme community experience. Residence Life provides a programming budget for each theme community to plan and host events (in addition to the House Advisor’s general programming budget).

Theme communities are only able to access theme funds once their Theme Coordinators have completed a training in the fall. It is the responsibility of the Theme Coordinator to successfully manage and track their theme’s annual budget using an online spreadsheet (shared via Google Drive). Any money spent in excess of the theme’s budget may not be reimbursed by Residence Life.

Using a disbursement form from the Business Office, Theme Coordinators can request a cash advance or a reimbursement for expenses related to themed events and activities. Theme Coordinators must obtain prior approval from the Theme Advisers for all expenditures, not to exceed their annual budgeted amount. Funding requests may be denied if the budget spreadsheet is not kept up-to-date or if the Theme Coordinator has not participated in the Fall Theme Coordinator Training session.

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