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Theme Renewal Application Timeline

  • December 4: Returning theme renewal applications are available online.
  • January 26: Deadline for current theme community members to choose next year's Theme Coordinators.
  • January 30: Deadline to submit theme renewal applications.
  • February 9: Theme Coordinators are notified whether their community’s application has been approved, approved with conditions, or denied.
  • February 16: Theme & Language Housing Fair (5:30-7:30 pm at GCC B-D). All Theme Coordinators are required to attend.
  • February 16 - 25: Students apply to live in theme and language housing via the online housing portal.

Process Overview

Thank you for your interest in renewing your theme for the 2018-2019 academic year! In order to be eligible as a theme for the upcoming year, an application must be submitted to by noon on Tuesday, January 30, 2018.

Members of the Theme Housing Committee will review your application. This committee is comprised of current House Advisers, a Senate representative, an Honor Council member, other student representatives, and is advised by two Area Coordinators. Upon review, the application may be approved, conditionally approved, or denied. You may be asked to provide more information or meet in person with the Committee if there are additional questions about the application or the theme itself.

If the application is accepted, new and current theme coordinators must participate in the Theme and Language Housing Fair on February 16th from 5:30-7:30 pm at the GCC B-D. Each theme will have their own table and will be given a small budget for supplies (e.g. treats, posterboard supplies, etc.). The purpose of the Theme Housing Fair is for prospective members to learn about the various themes and to ask questions of the theme coordinators before applying to live in a themed community.

Read more about Theme Coordinator role and responsibilities

Theme Renewal Applications

Theme Communities that existed during the current academic year are eligible for renewal. The Criteria below will be used to evaluate Theme Renewal Applications.

Residence Life reserves the right to review the status of any theme application or existing Theme that is not consistent with Reed College or Residence Life policies, the below criteria and expectations, or Reed College’s Mission. A community or theme coordinator’s conduct can be evaluated at any point during the year, including during the Spring semester after renewal decisions are made.

Renewal Criteria for Theme Communities for 2018-19

The following criteria will be used when determining whether a theme community is eligible for renewal:

  • The Theme Community clearly defines goals and utilizes a plan to achieve those goals.
  • The theme of the community is prominent in both programming and member engagement.
  • The Theme’s environment cultivates an inclusive community that enhances the student experience at Reed.
  • The Theme Community, with support from the HA, RD, and Theme Coordinators, successfully plans and executes one community event per year that is open to the larger Reed community.
  • The Theme Community offers programming that creates opportunities for growth and learning.
  • Theme Coordinators meet expectations as outlined in the Theme Coordinator Role & Responsibilities page.
  • The Theme Community has overall positive resident satisfaction and participation, as evaluated through resident satisfaction surveys, attendance at events, and level of community responsiveness to community issues.
  • The Theme Community, in aligning with Residence Life Mission and Values, does not exceed the campus average for number of AOD violations, reported damages, vandalism, and other concerning behaviors (e.g. theft, trashed kitchen spaces, etc.).
  • The Theme and its members shall adhere to timelines and expectations set by Residence Life and Facilities Staff regarding Room Registration and other operational processes.

How to Elect Theme Coordinators

Theme Coordinators are nominated and appointed by theme members by January 26. 

At your first theme community meeting of the spring semester (which will be organized by your House Adviser), your community will have an opportunity to nominate and agree upon 1-2 theme coordinator(s) for the following year. It is up to each community to decide how to the nomination and election process will take place. Some communities do anonymous or blind voting, others prefer to have an open discussion as a community. Previous theme communities have provided the following advice and suggestions:

  • Prior to starting the actual election process, have a conversation as a community about how to make the nomination and election processes as fair, unbiased, and inclusive as possible. Discuss what nomination and election methods you would like to use.
  • Start the nomination process a few days before your floor meeting. Any residents can nominate someone they think would be a great TC. Residents can also self-nominate if they're interested in being a TC. Current or previous TCs may also be nominated and may pursue re-election. Some communities choose to write in nominations on the HA's white board or in a communal space.
  • As TCs are responsible for all theme-related events, it is a good idea to elect students who have strong event planning skills, are enthusiastic about planning and hosting activities and will have the necessary time available to meet the Theme Coordinator expectations.
  • Consider asking candidates to provide information about why they would like to be a TC, and what kinds of ideas they have for your community.
  • In communities that take a vote, the HA often sits as a neutral, non-voting party who facilitates the process, tallies votes, etc.

Newly elected TCs do not assume event planning responsibilities until the fall semester. However, they do assume responsibility for completing and submitting the community’s written theme renewal application. They must also participate in the Theme Housing Fair in February.

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