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Theme Coordinator Role & Responsibilities

Theme Coordinators (TCs) provide leadership and direction within the theme community. The Theme Coordinator and the House Adviser (HA) of the community meet regularly to discuss goals, events, and community issues.

Theme Coordinators should plan to be active and integrated members of their community. As such, they initiate, plan, and implement activities and events for residents using designated theme funds. Through programming efforts, Theme Coordinators enhance their members’ experiences at Reed.

Serving as a TC is an excellent way to contribute in a meaningful way to a theme community, support new students’ transition to campus living, and build leadership and event planning skills. All Theme Coordinators will receive training, support, and assistance in planning community events. More resources can be found on the Theme Coordinator Resources page.

Theme Coordinators will:

  • Work with the House Adviser and Area Coordinator to discuss goals, plan programs, and address community issues
  • Meet quarterly with the Advising Area Coordinators
  • Meet quarterly with the Theme’s HA(s) to collaborate and address any community issues
  • Participate in the following trainings and processes:
    • Theme Renewal Application
    • Outreach and recruitment efforts
    • Theme & Language Housing Fair
    • Member selection process - training and selection
    • Spring transition training
    • Fall training
  • Coordinate and document the following programming efforts:
    • One event open to the larger Reed Community per year
    • Quarterly community event
    • Passive programming efforts (e.g., decorating the space, posting resources that pertain to your theme, communicating proactively with members, etc.)
  • Effective use of the budget through active and passive engagement with the theme
  • Identify and make progress towards goals with an intentional focus on:
    • Enhancing learning inside and outside of the classroom
    • Member participation
    • Facilitating an inclusive community
    • Upholding theme traditions
    • Effective use of the space
  • Pass on information to next Theme Coordinator(s) and document events and traditions
  • Work with Residence Life to ensure a sufficient number of applicants for the following year

For additional resources, please see our Theme Coordinator Resources page.

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