Residence Life at Reed

Division of Student Life

Language Houses Application

Department faculty, Language Scholars, and Residence Life staff will review all completed applications for residency in the language houses. If you have questions or just need more information, please contact Tyler Casey, the Area Coordinator for the Language Houses.

If interested, your application essay should address the following:

  • How have you been involved with weekly events at the house and how will you contribute to the house if you live in it next year?
  • Why are you interested in living in this specific language house and how will this community benefit you?


Language House Application Timeline

February 21- March 2 : Students apply to live in living option or language housing via the online housing portal. Applications due at 8am. 
March 20: Applicants are informed whether they have been accepted to live in the communities to which they have applied.
April 1-10: Room selection process. Accepted applicants select a room and sign a housing contract via the Housing Portal.
May 1: Last day to cancel your housing contract

Language House Responsibilities

Language houses are different from other residence halls on campus. In such a close-knit community, communication and teamwork are essential. Residents will meet weekly to plan, organize, and attend activities. These events support the mission of the Language House by generating interest and awareness of the language and the social, political, and cultural impact of the language-speaking countries within the student body.

Here is a list of Language House activities that you will work as a team to plan and/or participate in. It is an unique and rewarding experience and will require a time commitment every week:

  • Eagerness to improve language skills
  • Campus-wide cultural event once a semester
  • Cultural house events every other week
  • Faculty dinners
  • Movie nights
  • House meetings
  • Prompt communication with HA, AC, and other house members

If you have any questions please feel free to email the AC for the Language Houses, Tyler Casey (