Residence Life at Reed

Division of Student Life

Early Arrivals


For the Fall 2019, the move-in date for returning students is Friday, August 30. However, some students may be permitted to move into their room for the 2019-2020 academic year at an earlier date. Early arrival status is generally reserved for students whose work, volunteer, or academic commitments overlap with Orientation Week or pre-Orientation Week. Early arrival dates may be approved for returning students who are:
  • working on campus during or prior to Orientation;
  • participating in Orientation activities;
  • taking placement examinations;
  • taking qualifying examinations before the start of the fall semester;
  • experiencing extreme extenuating circumstances who have exhausted other options for accommodations.
Students who are working during or involved with Orientation and are interested in moving on campus should have their supervisor or the organizer of the event contact residence life in order to confirm their start date. Students who are seeking early arrival status due to an academic commitment should have the head of the relevant academic department contact residence life in order to confirm the dates the student is needed on campus.


Approved early arrival students will be permitted to move on to campus the day before their commitment begins unless a supervisor/organizer approves a different date. Students may move in as early as Wednesday, August 14. Students will not be permitted to move in prior to this date.
Early arrival status is approved on a rolling basis, so students should contact residence life at as soon as they become aware of the need for an earlier move in date. Early arrival requests will not be accepted after 9 a.m. on Monday, August 12. All early arrival arrangements will be made through residence life.


Over the summer the college hosts a number of conferences and events as well as summer housing for current Reed students. The timeline for these events, renovations to residence halls, and necessary preparation for the fall semester is very tight, therefore cleaning and preparation of individual residence hall rooms is scheduled with the August 30 move-in date for returning students in mind. For this reason, please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that your room will be ready for occupation prior to the given move-in date, though we will make every effort to do so for early arrival students. 

That being said, preparation for the beginning of the academic year will be ongoing prior to the beginning of Orientation. Common spaces in residence halls, as well as throughout campus, may still be undergoing renovation and cleaning after early arrival rooms have been prepared. We ask that early arrivals students remain accommodating and understanding through the final stages of campus preparation. 


Physical Plant will maintain its usual 9 a.m.–5 p.m.. Monday—Friday schedule prior to the given move-in dates for incoming and returning students. On August 25–26, physical plant will have modified hours and be open 10 a.m.–6 p.m.. Community safety will be able to unlock rooms for students who arrive outside of physical plant hours. Students who arrive outside of physical plant hours who will require their key may make arrangements to have another designated Reed student pick up their key. However, due to the additional logistics involved with designating another student for key pick up, it is generally preferable that students come to physical plant at the next available opportunity to pick up their key themselves. 

Food Service

Prior to Orientation and the start of the academic year, Commons will be open for limited hours and board plans for the 2019—2020 academic year will not be active. Students who arrive on campus early should expect to make alternative dining arrangements.