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Residence Life Appeals Committee (RLAC)

The Residence Life Appeals Committee (RLAC) reviews a wide range of appeals that may include, but are not limited to fees for earlier cancellation of the housing contract and denied housing petitions. The RLAC generally consists of two Deans or Directors from Student Life and one student House Adviser. Depending on the subject matter of the appeal the Chair of RLAC may determine that a student HA should not participate in that particular review.


Review of students’ appeals to RLAC include the following:

  • The student can submit a written statement explaining the circumstances of the appeal and their request.

  • A hearing during which students can make an opening statement; committee members will pose questions in order to gather information regarding the circumstances of the appeal; and students can make a closing statement.

The RLAC may review an appeal in writing or via Skype in special circumstances. 

If the student cites financial circumstances in their appeal, Residence Life will consult with Financial Aid and the Business Office to inquire if these financial circumstances are relevant to the appeal. If the appeal cites medical or mental health reasons, the student can sign a release of information with Disability Support Services, Health & Counseling, or an outside provider which allows the  RLAC to consult with the department or provider and/or verify the statements made by the student. In the absence of such a release, the RLAC will be unable to consider medical, mental health of other such issues.

After notification of the RLAC’s decision, the student may make a final appeal to the Vice President of Student Life or their designee.

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