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We now accept resumes and cover letters in PDF form via email ( Contact Center for Life Beyond Reed to have your resume critiqued before you submit it to Residence Life.

Your resume should include the following:

  • Name, address, and telephone number
    • List both Reed and home, if different.
  • Education
    • List class (freshman/sophomore/junior/senior), major, and expected date of graduation.
  • Relevant Experience
    • List any experience, paid or unpaid, from high school or college, which showcases skills valuable to being a House Adviser.
    • Work experience, volunteer activity, student group involvement, and Residence Hall participation may all be appropriate.
    • When listing experience, include a concise description of your responsibilities and achievements.
    • To keep things short, use sentences that begin with action verbs.
    • Entries are customarily listed in reverse chronological order.
    • Stress the positive! Instead of writing "O-Group Leader-Helped new students," try "Orientation Group Leader-Responsible for orienting 12 new students to Reed College through designing and implementing a volunteer activity." Focus on personal contributions and accomplishments.
  • Skills
    • Indicate any relevant training or up-to-date certifications that you have (e.g. First Aid Training, CPR).
  • Interests
    • List personal information that gives the reader a better sense of you as a person (e.g. hobbies, interests, and travel).
  • References
    • List names, addresses, and phone numbers at the bottom of the resume or on a separate sheet. 
  • Clean Design (PDF)
    • Keep it neat and clean, use white space to create a nice flow, emphasize what's important, indent text masses, and proofread!
    • Edit carefully, and have others read it to avoid any grammatical problems, spelling mistakes, or factual errors. 

For information on the House Adviser cover letter and prompts, please visit the cover letter page.

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