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A cover letter should be brief and to the point, avoiding extensive reiteration of the information already included on the resume. The letter should reflect your abilities, focus on the positive, and demonstrate an understanding of the position.  The letter should not exceed one, single-spaced typewritten page. Your cover letter should address the following prompts:

New House Adviser Applicants

For new House Adviser applicants, please address the following prompts in your cover letter:

  1. Tell us about a community that has been important to you and how you were involved in it
  2. How would being an HA contribute to your experience at Reed?

Returning House Adviser Applicants

For returning House Advisers, please address the following prompts in your cover letter:

  1. What challenges did you face this year and how did you address them?
  2. What are you looking to change next year and what challenges are you looking forward to?
  3. What year(s) of students do you feel most strongly that you can support (i.e., seniors, juniors, sophomores, first-years, transfers) and how do you plan to support those that are outside of your comfort zone?

Cover Letter Guidelines

  • You should address your letter to Residence Life House Adviser Selection Committee

  • The first paragraph acts as an introduction.  It states your purpose in writing, identifies the position in which you are interested, and often mentions the way in which you were referred (by a friend, advertisement, Center for Life Beyond Reed, etc.) 

  • In the second and third paragraphs, you should discuss your qualifications and your interest in the position, expanding on specific and related experiences that demonstrate your strengths and/or interests. Make your knowledge and interest clear and describe specific accomplishments and experiences that relate to the position. We recommend specifically addressing the prompts listed above in these sections.

  • A concluding paragraph reiterates your interest as well as addresses any logistical concerns (i.e. intent to study abroad, being out of town or unavailable during an interview, etc.).

  • Ask someone to read and review the letter -- even better, several people. Consider consulting Center for Life Beyond Reed.

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